Supply Doc Inc.

ph: (877) 311-7373

Amin Amirkhizi, Founder & CEO

Jack Badten, Operations Manager

Vendor Member since September 2022

Company Description:

Supply Doc is your dedicated Dental Supply Company, upholding business values that set us apart. Our loyalty promise ensures Dental Professionals access to leading products without the high dollar cost. Supply Doc Inc, it’s the place where dentist save.

Products & Services:

  • Quality Dental Supplies
  • Dental Equipment
  • Innovated Office Design
  • Financing w/ Recognized Lendors
  • Full-Service Dental Repair

Benefits, Special Pricing and/or Discounts Extended to Members:

  • Durable Gloves for $4.95 Code: SDDSE
  • Top Quality Masks $5.95 Code: SDDSF
  • Get 1 your first hour of Trusted Dental Service Repair Free

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