Member Directory

Member Directory

The SDDS Online Member Directory is a resource that includes information on SDDS, related organizations and resources, and a list of our SDDS Members. Currently we have the active member list available which will help you find the dentist you’re looking for.

Searching the documents is simple!

  • On a desktop: use the find command (ctrl+f) and search for what you’re looking for: whether it’s a dentist’s name, a zip code, or a specialty.
  • You can search on your smart phone as well, directions will differ based on the type of phone and web browser you use, so just look up “how to search website text on phone” to find out how.

You are also welcome to download this resource to keep on your desktop, or even print it out, whatever works best for you!

This list is current as of September 28, 2023, check back next month for an updated version!