Design Department

The SDDS Design Department is open and ready for your business. As a member benefit, our Design Department is ready to help our SDDS Members. Our pricing is simply hourly billing charges ($110 per hour) to design whatever you need. (This is a very reasonable price.) We will be able to offer to you some discount/group pricing for your printing needs.

This member benefit is something that we think will be a great opportunity for our SDDS members only. We are excited to share our talents with you – hope you call us!

How it Works:

The SDDS Design Department has developed a design process that will ensure that the member will get the highest quality solution that is tailored to their specific needs. The steps of the process are explained below.


Members are invited to initiate a meeting with the SDDS Graphic Designers. They will discuss the needs of the client and the process of the designers in relation to the project. Examples of things that might be discussed are color preferences, existing imagery, what specific items you are looking to have done, and any other information needed to create a informed and personal design.

Creative Process

After the consultation process, the SDDS Designers will research and brainstorm about the client and their needs. From this, the first draft of the project will be created and prepared for review. Each project, with the exception of logo design includes two rounds of revisions and delivery of a soft proof. If SDDS is handling the production, the member will be notified when to expect the finished piece(s) for delivery.


Once the project has been approved by the member, one of two things will happen.
1) It will be sent to production by SDDS staff and the client will be notified when to expect it for delivery.
2) A final file will be provided to the member (in the case of logo design or if the client wants to take care of the production.)


Pricing is for graphic design services only. Printing costs are additional and vary based on quantities, paper weight/type, number of colors, etc. Competitive printing prices are available and will be provided upon request.
Prices include initial consultation, two rounds of revisions and delivery of a soft copy of final product. Logo design includes up to three design concepts and two rounds of revisions. Additional revisions are charged at an hourly rate of $110. Prices are subject to change.

Contact us at or (916) 446-1211 to get started with all your design needs today!