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  • Build a bond with office team members

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Dr. Ahmad currently maintains a private practice specializing in the treatment of Periodontal Diseases, Periodontal Plastic Surgical Therapies, and Implant Dentistry in Roseville, CA. He received both his graduate certificate in Periodontics and his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Michigan and is Board Certified, Diplomate in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry from the American Board of Periodontology. He has also obtained Fellowship from both the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and from the Pierre Fauchard Honorary Academy. He has completed internships in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from both Northwestern University and the University of Miami. Dr. Ahmad has participated in multiple research projects and published numerous scientific articles and has also attained Clinical Assistant Professorship in Periodontology and Orofacial Sciences from UCSF. He is Past-President of the Western Society of Periodontology and Dental APPNA and is an “Expert in the Field in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry” for the Dental Board of California, as well as an Examiner in Intravenous Conscious Sedation. He is also a Director for the Sacramento District Dental Society and is on the Executive Advisory Board for Carrington College, School of Dental Hygiene.

Dan Brown, Senior Service Consultant; MGE Management Experts (SDDS Vendor Member)
Mr. Brown is the Senior Service Consultant at MGE Management Experts, Inc. MGE has serviced over 30,000 practices in the US and Canada over the past 31 years and is known as an industry leader consulting group for private dental practices for North America. He got involved with consulting dentists in 1992. Having found the ease of which to help business owners and their staffs using an amazingly workable system, and the resultant improvements in the lives of those people, he knew he had found his niche. He has since been to over 20 different countries, given workshops to over 10,000 people, having serviced all manner of businesses in all walks of life. He has focused on helping small to large practices boost their income on an immediate basis, utilizing both outbound and inbound marketing strategies, off-line and online – inclusive of social media, such as Google, Facebook, Video Marketing and others. In the last 6 years, he has focused on marketing techniques to help private practices all over the US and Canada move from dependencies on insurances to being mostly or wholly fee-for-service models. Known for incredibly effective seminars and workshops in addition to consulting and coaching services, he has successfully helped practice owners with needs analysis reports, skills assessments, flow evaluations, marketing evaluations (both online and off-line), management coaching, business troubleshooting as well as tailored training for practice owners, managers and their team members.

Michelle Callaghan, RDA, Dental Practice Specialist; 3M
Ms. Callaghan is a Dental Practice Specialist with 3M. She has a BA in Communications and Chemistry. She found her passion in educating Dental Clinicians on how to elevate and transform the patient’s experience. She is a liaison from universities such as UOP and UCSF, and the BIOCLEAR Learning Center. She shares their cutting-edge industry knowledge with doctors and their staff in 3M Dental Science. Her experience has increased production, streamlined procedures and costs for corporations, colleges, community clinics and thousands of private practices. She has 37 years of clinical chairside experience on how to align with patients while increasing compliance with diseases to better serve communities. She has served as a Clinical Director for a California college and has led advisory boards on how to teach and increase dental standards.

Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP
Ms. Copeland is a Gen X and an IRONMAN! Her IRONMAN training taught her how to be successful in business communication. She is a dental team coach / professional speaker of 30 years. Her clinical/corporate expertise is in prosthetic implantology. Employed in US/SE Asia, she’s held every team position and knows how to simplify the corporate business of dentistry. She coaches from every angle and from personal experience. Her interactive style empowers dental teams to engage in customizing generational language skills and strategically developing practice communications, to increase profit, performance, and productivity. Her dental corporate career paralleled her clinical career as a professional speaker, reporting under marketing, sales, clinical research, and professional relations spanning 25 years. In 2017-18 she had the honor of serving as President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), Northwest Chapter and she received her CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) Award in 2018. Her passions in life include triathlons, snowboarding, swimming, and travel.

Arthur Curley, Esq.
Mr. Curley is a senior trial attorney in the California healthcare defense firm of Bradley, Curley, Barrabee & Kowalski, PC. After graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with honors in 1970, he obtained his J.D. in 1974 from the UC Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Dental Jurisprudence at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco and an Adjunct Faculty Professor at the University of California, San Francisco. As a trial attorney, he has been defending doctors for over 46 years and has presented risk management courses throughout the United States and Canada. He is an associate of the American Board of Trial Advocates. He has published several articles on risk management and authored chapters in numerous textbooks on oral surgery, endodontics and periodontics.

Julia Dent, RDH, MPH
Ms. Dent is an Executive Coach with Hygiene Mastery. She went to the University of Southern California for her Bachelor’s in Science in Dental Hygiene and then she further went on to achieve a Master’s in Public Health at the University of Southern California. In the years that she has been practicing, she has been exposed to many different avenues in dentistry. She has been in multiple private practices, not only as a hygienist but also as a treatment, financial and hygiene coordinator, she has helped manage private practices and a nonprofit where she ran daily operations across multiple clinics. She is passionate about patient care, specifically the patient care that a hygienist can deliver. She believes the hygienist is the heart of the practice and they can make all the difference when it comes to helping a patient achieve their oral health goals. Ms. Dent is a Bay Area native and has a rescue dog that she lovingly refers to as a super mutt named Hattie.

Foroud Hakim, DDS
Dr. Hakim has balanced private practice and dental education for 31 years in the San Francisco Bay Area. He splits his time between “real world/wet fingered” private practice, and teaching dental students at University of the Pacific, as well as colleagues across the country. He earned his DDS in 1991 and went on to earn his MBA in 2000. He is former Vice Chair of the Dept. of Restorative Dentistry and is also active in research and publication. He is the course director for Occlusion, TMJ & Advanced Restorative Concepts. He has also served as a director in the Pacific Esthetics, Complex Care & Implant clinics. He earned his DDS in 1991 and went on to earn his MBA in 2000. His areas of focus range from predictable and lasting adhesion, minimally invasive single tooth dentistry all the way through to full mouth esthetic rehabilitation and smile design.

Melinda Heryford, MBA; Melinda Heryford Consulting
Ms. Heryford is the owner of Melinda Heryford Consulting and has been working with dentists and their teams for over two decades. She works alongside conscientious and passionate dental owners / practitioners and their teams who are committed to success. Her coaching style is a laser-focused approach to a practice and its operations, pointing out unique strengths within the practice, and matching them to a personalized blueprint pathway for success. This approach offers outstanding results, happier teams, increased peace of mind and ultimately a wonderfully successful practice.

Kyle Jones, DDS
Dr. Jones is an oral and maxillofacial pathologist and Assistant Professor at the UCSF School of Dentistry. He is also Director of the UCSF Oral Dysplasia Program that focuses on the diagnosis, management, and research of oral epithelial dysplasia and oral leukoplakia. Dr. Jones completed his dental, PhD, and residency training at UCSF. His current research focuses on head and neck cancer immunology, with the goal of improving existing immunotherapies for head and neck cancer patients. In addition to research, Dr. Jones enjoys mentoring dental students and residents as well as speaking to oral healthcare providers.

Loren King, RDH
Ms. King is an international speaker who brings awareness to topics like Human Trafficking, Dental Sleep Medicine, Dental Hygiene Education and Performance, as well as Human Motivation. She is a Registered Dental Hygienist, Saleswoman, Lecturer, Mentor, and Coach. She is publishing her first book this year and is the owner of the education company: Human by Loren King. She happens to also be a licensed skydiver who has jumped out of a perfectly good airplane, solo, 34 times – which speaks to her resilience to conquer hard things.

Donna Drury-Klein, RDA; The Foundation for Allied Dental Education Institute and Foundation (SDDS Vendor Member)
Ms. Drury-Klein is a dedicated, engaging trainer in OSHA, Infection Control and regulatory issues affecting the profession. Following 18 years of clinical experience and 20 years as an educator, she has successfully authored textbooks for dental assisting, served as a two-time appointee to the Dental Board of California under Governor Gray Davis, and is the Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation for Allied Dental Education.

Katrina Klein, RDH
Ms. Klein is a 15 year registered dental hygienist, national speaker, author, competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, certified ergonomic assessment specialist and biomechanics nerd. She’s the founder of ErgoFitLife, where she teaches that ergonomics and fitness are a lifestyle to prevent, reduce or even eliminate pain.

Dennis Krohn, President; SD Reliance (SDDS Vendor Member)
Mr. Krohn has had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age: he started working on computers with his father when he was 14 years old and started his first company when he was 18. He’s had 27 years in general IT, and 20+ years of Dental specific IT experience. He loves the ever-changing landscaping of the technology and creating new ways of providing innovative, safe, and accessible for clients.

Steven Lynch, DDS
Dr. Lynch has been in dentistry since 1982. After graduating from UCLA dental school, he stayed an extra year as a hospital-based general practice resident. Locating next in Vacaville, he had a conservative, blue-collar private practice for 35 years. From the beginning, Dr. Lynch was interested in learning techniques which required less tooth reduction and produced less stress on the teeth and surrounding tissues. He has been on the faculty of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry (Dr. Ruiz ‘minimally invasive’ dentistry seminars) for the past 14 years. He teaches Occlusion and Limited Orthodontics for the Institute. Dr. Lynch understands the challenges today’s dentists face: higher education costs, business ownership, increasing corporate and insurance control. He is a very mortal dentist who faced all the challenges, made plenty of mistakes and had many of the same concerns as today’s young dentists.

Jeanette MacLean, DDS, DABPD, FAAPD
Dr. MacLean is a Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, owner of Affiliated Children’s Dental Specialists in Glendale, Arizona, and mother of two. She received her dental degree, with honors, from the University of Southern California in 2003 and completed her specialty training in pediatric dentistry in 2005 at Sunrise Children’s Hospital through the University of Nevada School of Medicine. Dr. MacLean has become an internationally recognized advocate and expert on minimally invasive dentistry, appearing in newspapers, magazines, television, and continuing education lectures on this hot topic. Most notably, she was featured in the July 2016 New York Times article “A Cavity Fighting Liquid Helps Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills,” which brought national attention to the option of treating cavities non-invasively with silver diamine fluoride.

Stanley F. Malamed, DDS
Dr. Malamed is a dentist anesthesiologist and emeritus professor of dentistry at the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry, located in Los Angeles, CA. He graduated from the New York University College of Dentistry in 1969 and then completed a residency in anesthesiology at Montefiore Hospital and Medical Center in the Bronx, NY before serving for 2 years as a captain in the U.S. Army Dental Corps at Ft. Knox, Kentucky. In 1973, he joined the faculty of the University of Southern California School of Dentistry (now the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of U.S.C). He retired from full-time teaching at the university in 2013. He is a Diplomate of the American Dental Board of Anesthesiology; a recipient of the Heidebrink Award [1996] from the American Dental Society of Anesthesiology; the Horace Wells Award from the International Federation of Dental Anesthesia Societies, 1997 (IFDAS), and the Leonard M. Monheim Distinguished Service Award from the American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists (2015). He has authored more than 170 scientific papers and 17 chapters in various medical and dental journals and textbooks in the areas of physical evaluation, emergency medicine, local anesthesia, sedation and general anesthesia. He is the author of three widely used textbooks, published by CV Mosby. In his spare time, he is an avid runner, exercise enthusiast, and admits an addiction to the New York Times crossword puzzle, which he has done daily since his freshman year in dental school.

Matthew Milnes MS, DDS
Dr. Milnes earned his Master’s Degree in Biology from the University of the Pacific with a focus on immunology and genetics in 2000, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2003 from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry. He has taught microbiology for the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry as an adjunct professor since 2006, with lectures focusing on virology, parasitology, and the treatment of complex bacterial infections. A career in private practice began after graduation in 2003 and continued through 2009, followed by work for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). He currently serves as a regional dental director for CDCR and continues to lecture at the Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in addition to providing continuing education lectures regularly throughout the year.

Marcella Oster, RDA
Ms. Oster is a speaker and consultant in Infection Control, Bloodborne Pathogens, California Dental Practice Act, Hazard Communications, Hazardous Waste Management, and Injury and Illness Prevention Programs. She has over 43 years experience in several areas of the dental profession, beginning her hands-on experience working as a DA in 1979. From 1984 to 1986 she taught dental assisting in Santa Clara County. In 1994, she co-founded and was President of EcoSolutions, a hazardous waste management and disposal company created in response to enforcement of State and Local regulations beginning in 1993. The company created the industry’s first full-service program for chemical and medical waste management and disposal, designed specifically for dental offices, setting a new standard. She created and appeared in the first training video for dental hazardous waste management, which was approved for CE credit and was used by dental offices for in-house staff training in Northern California. She pioneered in dental waste management compliance consultation and training. She is a licensed RDA and has been speaking and presenting to local and state dental organizations for over 28 years. She volunteers at CDACares, California Care Force, and assists volunteering dentists weekly at Auburn Renewal Center, a free dental clinic.

Viren Patel, DDS
Dr. Patel received his Dental Degree from the University of London in England and is also a Licentiate in Dental Surgery from the Royal College of Surgeons of England. He was an active member of the British Dental Association during his UK practice years. He moved to California in 1992 and has been active in the dental community ever since. He has volunteered at the local, state and national level in organized dentistry and has served on numerous committees including serving as President of SDDS in 2015. He currently serves as President of the Sacramento District Dental Foundation and on the Board of Directors of the California Dental association and is a delegate to the American Dental Association House of Delegates. He maintains a private practice in Folsom, CA and serves as faculty at California Northstate University, College of Dental Medicine.

Mark D. Porco, DDS
Dr. Porco received his DDS degree from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 1988. Following graduation, he and his wife lived and worked in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies for two years. Until recently he maintained a solo practice in general dentistry for 29 years in Lincoln, CA. Dr. Porco has been a member of the Sacramento District Dental Society’s Mass Disaster/Forensics Committee since 2000, and chairman of the committee since 2011. He has been fascinated with forensics since taking an elective course his senior year in dental school. While attending many seminars on forensics over the years, he has been actively pursuing his forensic education since attending the Southwest Symposium in 2012. He joined the American Society of Forensic Odontology in 2012 and the American Academy of Forensic Sciences in 2013. He has been a member of the Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team IX since 2014. Currently, he serves as the Forensic Odontologist for Sacramento and San Joaquin Counties.

Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS, FAGD; Founder and Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry
Dr. Ruiz is the Director of the Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry and Course Director of numerous CE courses at the University of Southern California (USC). He is Honorary Clinical Professor at Warwick University in England and a member of the editorial board for Dentistry Today. He is also an Associate Instructor at Dr. Gordon Christensen, PCC in Utah and an independent evaluator of dental products for CR (CRA). Dr. Ruiz has been named as one of the “Top Clinicians in CE 2006-2011” by Dentistry Today. He has published several research papers as well as many clinical articles on adhesive dentistry, occlusion, and esthetic dentistry. He regularly lectures at all major dental meetings, both nationally and internationally. He has been practicing in the Studio District of Los Angeles for over 20 years and enjoys a clientele of many stars and entertainers. His focus is on treating complex cosmetic, rehabilitation, and implant cases.

Christine Sison, CEO; Swiss Monkey (SDDS Vendor Member)
Ms. Sison is the CEO of Swiss Monkey, a staffing and virtual front office services company. She has built and has managed a dental practice for over 10 years and has her Bachelor of Neurobiology from UC Berkeley and a Master of Health Policy and Management from the Harvard School of Public Health. Prior to her work in dentistry, she conducted brain tumor research at UCSF, assisted in the integration of IT into clinics and hospitals, and later led the development of community-wide healthcare systems, including telemedicine efforts.

Ariane Terlet, DDS
Since 1989, Dr. Terlet has served as the Chief Dental Officer at La Clínica where she helped expand dental services from one dental clinic to eleven sites in Alameda, Contra Costa and Solano counties. Since the beginning of her career, she advocated to provide access to quality dental care for all. Her commitment to preserving community dental health is evidenced by the number of boards and committees she has been asked to join and serve. This includes the Healthy Kids Healthy Teeth Advisory Board, Chabot College Dental Hygiene Advisory Board, First 5 Scientific Advisory Committee, Dental Board of California, University of the Pacific Alumni Board Member, and past president of the Berkeley Dental Society, California Dental Association, and the ADA Council on Government Affairs representing California. She is an active member with the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, American College of Dentists, and the National Network for Oral Health Access, to name a few. To date, Dr. Terlet serves as Adjunct Faculty at the University of the Pacific of Dentistry, and continues to have her own private dental practice.

Tamir Wardany, DDS
Dr. Wardany is one of the few board-certified oral implantologists in California who holds diplomate status with the American Board of Oral Implantology, and one of an even smaller handful of implant specialists in the world and limits his practice exclusively to the surgical component of implant and bone augmentation procedures. He has dedicated the past 19 years to extensive training in implant surgery and its associated bone augmentation procedures. After completing Dental School at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN., he completed a fellowship in implant dentistry through State University of New York at Stonybrook. He then continued his training overseas, spending extensive time in Europe, training alongside some of the world’s leaders in implant and bone augmentation surgery. In addition to his years of training, he conducts clinical research in his office and has collaborated on research studies related to bone regeneration and dental implant biology with the department of reconstructive surgery at Stanford University. He has been a product advisor for Geistlich Biomaterials and actively lectures for Straumann and Geistlich Biomaterials, a leading regenerative company based in Switzerland. In an effort to always be on the forefront of this specialization, Dr. Wardany maintains membership with the International Team for Implantology and the Osteology Foundation. Both groups focus on research to further the quality of care in implant surgery and complex graft procedures. He was a former collegiate swimmer born and raised in Sacramento. He is a proud Sacramento Country Day and Jesuit alumnus and lives in Land Park with his wife and three amazing children. Once in a while he still gets time to swim a few laps and watch 49er football.

Dolan Williams, CEO; Chief Technical Consultant; B & W Compliance, Inc. (SDDS Vendor Member)
As CEO, Mr. Williams oversees business operations and hands-on compliance, safety consulting and training. Dolan has a background in risk management, and industrial hygiene. As an Authorized CAL/OSHA Federal OSHA Outreach Trainer, he works with employers to fulfill the purpose and responsibilities as mandated by OSHA to promote workplace safety and health.



Thursday, February 16, 2023


7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
Occlusion: Simple Diagnostics & Simple Techniques
Steven Lynch, DDS (Sponsored by Kettenbach)

Occlusal education is often too complicated and difficult to incorporate into the everyday practice routine. In this course, the participant will be introduced to simple, time-efficient diagnostics and treatment techniques that are easy to incorporate into a dental practice without an investment in expensive new equipment. Poor occlusion can trigger destructive forces and failure of our dental restorations.
Learning objectives:

  • Discover diagnostic techniques to test the occlusion and identify damaging issues
  • Learn simple treatment techniques to correct problems and create a healthier occlusion
  • Evaluate what to do with parafunctional heavy grinders

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
California Dental Practice Act Compliance
Dolan Williams, CEO; B & W Compliance (SDDS Vendor Member)

This course meets the standards of the Dental Board of California (DBC) for a comprehensive review of the California Dental Practice Act (CDPA). The course covers basics about the governing board, statutory mandates about the scope of dental practice for auxiliaries, laws governing the prescription of drugs, mandatory reporting requirements for abuse, license renewal information, ethics and the law for dental professionals.
Learning objectives:

  • Review the scope and purpose of the Dental Practice Act
  • Learn key points and updates
  • Learn how to protect your practice while maintaining service to the public

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
A Comprehensive Workshop for Your Whole Team on Periodontal Health
Julia Dent, RDH (Sponsored by Fortune Management)

Significantly enhance your team’s knowledge of complete dentistry as it relates to periodontal health. Institute a disease management approach that can be followed by the entire team! Review eloquently scripted communication and techniques used to explain to patients their own periodontal health and provide support for a treatment plan.
Learning objectives:

  • Review the significance of periodontal disease, how it impacts your health and how your team can support patients in treatment acceptance
  • Learn three steps to staging and grading a patient’s periodontal health
  • Learn treatment planning, with treatment protocols that work and the process to take an active diseased patient to periodontal stability

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
The Biology & Techniques of Predictable Ridge Augmentation: From Basic to Advanced Defects
Tamir Wardany, DDS (Sponsored by Geistlich Pharma)

This lecture will focus on graft procedures from basic post extraction ridge preservation to advanced vertical and horizontal defects. Understand the biology of successful bone augmentation as it relates to the techniques and biomaterials leading to predictable results.
Learning objectives:

  • Recognize and identify the various post-extraction defects and select the appropriate modality of treatment for these various situations
  • Learn about the various biomaterials used in ridge preservation and guided bone regeneration and how each one optimizes procedural outcomes
  • Discover various techniques for graft containment and understand concepts
    of flap management as it relates to site closure

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
Should I Hold Firm or Go with the Flow? A Viscosity-Based Rubric for Composite Selection
Foroud Hakim, DDS (Sponsored by VOCO)

Improvements in both adhesive sciences, as well as composite materials, coupled with the contemporary commitment to MID (minimally invasive dentistry) has ushered in yet another paradigm in restorative practice. “What composite should I use?” is one of the most common questions that audiences ask. A glance at any supply catalogue can make one dizzy with the ever-expanding menu of composite options available for adoption. This program aims to provide the doctor with a systematic rubric for selection of composite materials based on the clinical circumstance, esthetic demand, and occlusal burden.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to elevate outcomes by choosing appropriate composite viscosity independent of specific manufacturer brands
  • Discover delivery protocols for all composite class restorations from class I’s thru VI’s
  • Review tips and tricks from prep design and adhesion, through finish and polish

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
Embracing All Generations in Dentistry Today
Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP (Sponsored by Crest/Oral B)

The key to cultivating a passionate team is generational perception! The Generational Friction Factor is real and influences the dynamics of your team’s success. Each generation measures everything against their own language, perceptions, and work value. To bridge the divide and flourish, it’s important to recognize and embrace those differences. Audiences will learn how to spot generational markers or signs, and learn powerful ways to reduce or even eliminate friction points that are particularly damaging to the team culture and patient experience. Be part of a dental team that speaks the right language to patients and team members.
Learning objectives:

  • Cultivate a generationally perceptive team to create a better patient experience
  • Immediately enhance and build relationships of trust using customized language tactics
  • Foster an elevated self-awareness about people and how to connect with them in more meaningful ways

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Infection Control Compliance Course
Dolan Williams, CEO; B & W Compliance (SDDS Vendor Member)

This course takes a look at the chain of infection and the hierarchy of controls as it pertains to patient safety and the minimum standards for infection control.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn some of the “whys” behind the regulations
  • Better understand the use of controls to mitigate risk
  • Discover the most common violations of the infection control standards based on data from our 100 most recent dental inspections

10:00am–11:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
7 Tips to Rock Team Performance
Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP (Sponsored by Air Techniques)

Disrupt the patterns of expectation with your team and patients and you will have their attention! With that, they are now ready to actively listen, participate, and take actions that will improve your ability to serve them. Communication is the cornerstone of business and life. When you orchestrate a more personalized and customized dialogue you will have built a foundation of trust with patients that are held together by footings of confidence. That trust is then rewarded with loyalty, followed by viral word-of-mouth referrals, profitability, and practice stability. This interactive presentation pushes audiences through Lisa’s personal IRONMAN heart-pumping experience that will transform offices into elite IRONMAN practices!
Learning objectives:

  • Discover how to lead with IRONMAN principles that empower teams and clients
  • Learn how to master consistent, predictable communication that produces success in all practice aspects
  • Develop best-in-class inter-team communication skills that drive results

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Working Smarter Not Harder – Indirect Restorations in Contemporary Esthetic Practice
Foroud Hakim, DDS (Sponsored by VOCO)

This program takes a deep dive into modern day ceramics. Starting from single tooth restorations and growing in complexity to full esthetic and functional rehabilitation, the spectrum of contemporary crown and bridge topics are visited. Particular attention is given to practice efficiency, predictability, profitability, and patient satisfaction.
Learning objectives:

  • Delivery from A to Z…from prep and impression to cementation
  • Improve speed while increasing quality
  • Treatment planning for success

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Ten Minutes to Save a Life
Stanley Malamed, DDS (Sponsored by HealthFirst)

Medical emergencies can – and do – happen in the practice of dentistry. This program will discuss what office and staff preparations need to do, to both recognize and effectively treat common medical emergencies.
Learning objectives:

  • Recognize and describe the 4 steps in preparing a dental office for medical emergencies
  • Learn and name the 8 drugs in the basic emergency drug kit
  • Recognize and discuss the algorithm for management of all medical emergencies

10:30am–12:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
Blueprint for Success – 3 Ways to Grow Your Hygiene Business
Julia Dent, RDH (Sponsored by Fortune Management)

The hygiene department is the driving force of every modern-day dental office. In this seminar we will review proven strategies for creating a robust dental hygiene business. Learn the strategies and tips to grow your hygiene business by providing the very best care to the patient.
Learning objectives:

  • Unveil a must-have business model for creating a robust dental hygiene business
  • Identify how to measure, track and interpret key performance indicators in the hygiene department
  • Increase revenue from same day hygiene services without an increase in doctor time or staff overhead

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’
Stanley Malamed, DDS (Sponsored in part by Septodont)

Patients do not want to experience pain during their dental treatment. Local anesthetics are the safest and most effective drugs for the prevention and management of pain. This program will discuss the means of making local anesthetic injections both more comfortable and more effective. Topics included: articaine, buffering, and reversal of local anesthesia.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn and discuss the advantages of articaine HCl compared with other dental local anesthetics
  • Discover and list 3 advantages of buffering local anesthetics
  • Recognize and discuss the pharmacology behind phentolamine mesylate and its ability to reverse local anesthesia

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, 20%
Every Conversation Has Consequences
Lisa Copeland, RDH, CSP, CVP (Sponsored by Crest/Oral B)

Communication is our currency in dentistry. By focusing on three areas where miscommunication can occur: Patients, Players (team), and Practices; we can break the patterns of expectation. Everyone engages emotionally and becomes committed to the practice’s success. According to Gallup’s workplace analytics team, “Your employee experience is your employment brand.” Dentistry’s new reality is shifting from product-centricity to people-centricity. Learning to apply the foundations of an inclusive culture enhances the team and patient experience by creating unique and positive interactions.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to implement high-level, intentional communication that yields results
  • Discover how to defuse confrontations to make interactions comfortable and harmonious
  • Learn tools that positively improve chronic problems of turnover, lack of engagement, and stagnant or declining production

1:30pm–4:30pm • 3 CEU, Core
Communication, Care & Clear Protocols: Ensuring Safety for Patients of Every Age
Viren Patel, DDS and Arthur Curley, Esq. (Sponsored by TDIC; SDDS Vendor Member)
(this course qualifies for the TDIC 5% discount)

When patients establish their care with you, they entrust you with their dental health and expect a level of competency and professionalism that is worthy of that trust.  It is your professional obligation to provide services within the appropriate standard of care, to increase the potential of an optimal treatment outcome and maintain an essential level of dental health. A patient will have more confidence in a dentist who has the ability to communicate with care and compassion. This course is designed to share best practices informed by real-world calls and TDIC cases.
Learning objectives:

  • Understand the importance of properly maintaining thorough health history forms, obtaining and documenting appropriate consent and implementing protocols for in-office dispensing of products
  • Learn how to apply critical communication skills when untoward and unexpected events, injuries or serious complications occur

1:45pm–3:45pm • 2 CEU, Core
The Untold Story of Assisted Hygiene
Julia Dent, RDH

Assisted dental hygiene can get a bad reputation when not done correctly. It’s time to rewrite the assisted hygiene narrative. When done correctly you will witness an increase in new patients, retention in existing patients, prevent RDH burn out, and increased profitability in the practice.
Learning objectives:

  • To successfully pick the right assisted hygiene model for your practice
  • Countless benefits for assisted hygiene for today’s dentistry landscape
  • Predictable success through planning, analysis, and evidence in the numbers

1:45pm–3:45pm • 2 CEU, Core
Managing Bacteria, Viral, & Fungal Infections in Patients with Complex Health Histories
Matthew Milnes, DDS

This course presents information related to the treatment of bacterial, viral and fungal infections associated with the oral cavity, including a review of antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal pharmacology and a discussion on selecting the appropriate medication for each patient. There will be a special focus on the selection and use of medications in patients with complex health histories, including patients with kidney disease, liver disease, or who are immunocompromised.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn to differentiate and diagnose bacterial, viral, and fungal infections
  • Recognize and develop treatment options for patients with complex infections
  • Enhance the understanding of how to modify treatment for infections in patients with complex health histories

2:00pm–4:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Surgical Implant Success: Techniques to Avoid Short Term & Long Term Implant Failures
Tamir Wardany, DDS (Sponsored by Straumann; SDDS Vendor Member)

This lecture will focus on concepts of predictable implant placement, avoiding post-surgical, non-integration failures and achieving long-term peri-implant hard and soft tissue stability.
Learning objectives:

  • Recognize the hard and soft tissue conditions that lead to high-risk cases and be able to minimize the potential for complications
  • Identify the parameters and learn techniques for predictable immediate implant placement while understanding the ideal timing of placement given the hard and soft tissue conditions
  • Understand the reasons and risk factors for peri-implant crestal bone loss short and long term following implant placement, taking home surgical pearls for avoiding these issues


Friday, February 17, 2023


7:30am–9am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Manage Your Schedule – Manage Your Time
Melinda Heryford, MBA; Melinda Heryford Practice Consulting (Sponsored by WEAVE)

Do you want your schedule to manage you? Or the other way around? How can you make your day easier and more productive? And how can you make this all happen easily with the transition and changes as smooth as can be? Have you heard of the “emergency pot, power blocks or the 100% Plan?” Attend this course to learn about the hidden gems that you can use to accomplish greater success in scheduling.
Learning objectives:

  • Discover highly proven ways to win with your schedule
  • Learn how to fill the schedule, minimize short notice cancellations
  • Discover how you can improve your FFS patient base along the way

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
Innovations in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry
Dean Ahmad, DDS, DABP, FICOI, FPFA (Sponsored by Nobel Biocare)

Healthy periodontal and peri-implant tissue provides a strong long-term foundation for overall oral-wellness. Understanding characteristics of periodontal and peri-implant disease helps develop a correct diagnosis early on and provides appropriate treatment modalities for our patients. We must work collaboratively to deliver the optimal treatment outcome which stems from periodontal and peri-implant stability. This course will discuss various concepts and procedures used to treat periodontal disease, peri-implantitis, periodontal plastic surgery (“gum grafts”) and hard/soft tissue regenerative periodontal procedures.
Learning objectives:

  • Understand innovative periodontal and implant procedures related to soft and hard tissue management
  • Discover and discuss how to maximize communication between the referral and periodontist

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
Be SMART: Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Treatment
Jeanette MacLean, DDS, DABPD, FAAPD (Sponsored by Elevate Oral Care, DMG America and GC America)

Learn how to treat and restore cavities in an efficient, effective, and painless way using silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and Glass Ionomer Cement (GIC), known as Silver Modified Atraumatic Restorative Treatment (SMART). SDF can arrest caries and desensitize dentin with little more than a microbrush, while expanding access to care and improving outcomes. Review how bioactive materials like GIC can not only restore, but also further arrest and remineralize carious lesions while conserving tooth structure. Find out how offering minimally-invasive options like SMART, can attract new patients, improve patient satisfaction, and increase internal marketing and word of mouth referrals to your practice.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn the principles of case selection, informed consent, treatment planning, and a clinical protocol for SDF
  • Review the evidence for atraumatic restorative treatment to manage dental caries
  • Describe the case selection, materials, and clinical protocol for SMART

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
The Bioclear Method – Heated Injection Molding
Michelle Callaghan, RDA; Dental Practice Specialist; 3M (Sponsored by The FADE Institute; SDDS Vendor Member)

(Hands on, space limited)
Blazing a new pathway for state-of-the-art restorations, this approach to minimally invasive preps, anatomical matrices, and warmed injection molding is a simple and revolutionary approach to modern dentistry – and easy for patients to say “yes” to treatment! This hands-on course will demonstrate techniques to show what patients want today as well as how production can be increased and lab fees reduced.
Learning objectives:

  • Discover the Scientific Five Pillars of the Bioclear Method, focusing on the Anterior Black Triangle and the Posterior Class II food trap closures with predictable contacts as well as the science behind each step
  • Evaluate the importance of using warmed, flowable and packable composites and pastes according to the FDA
  • Explore and define the importance of using modern anatomical matrices, horizontal collapsible wedges, and separators with Case Study selections

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
Ergonomics in Dentistry
Katrina Klein, RDH (Sponsored by Lumadent)

Working in dentistry doesn’t have to hurt! Stop the aches and pains commonly associated with the practice of dentistry and protect your physical health by using ergonomic equipment, chairside strategies and fitness.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn risk factors for work related pain and solutions for a correct workspace
  • Learn how to practice comfortably and safely
  • Learn posture strengthening and practice workday stretches

8:00am–10:00am • 2 CEU, Core
Screening for Oral Cancer: Differentiating Problematic Red & White Oral Lesions
Kyle Jones, DDS

Do intra-oral white and red lesions stress you out? This course will review various causes for these lesions with an emphasis on knowing when to biopsy and/or refer.
Learning objectives:

  • Review common (and not-so-common) white and red intraoral lesions
  • Learn how to develop a comprehensive differential diagnosis
  • Discuss treatment and management strategies

8:00am–10:00am • 2 CEU, Core
What Does Human Trafficking Have To Do with Dentistry?
Loren King, RDH (Sponsored in part by Dental Intelligence)

What can you and your dental team do to help save a life? Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime in the world, even ahead of drugs. Why? One big reason may be that most people simply don’t want to talk about things that make them uncomfortable. Perhaps because such things will never happen to them, right? Wrong. Human trafficking will continue until we can get comfortable talking about the uncomfortable. The good news is, you can help stop this! This course will cover what human trafficking is, what it looks like, and what first steps you can take, as part of a dental team, to save a human life.
Learning objectives:

  • Understand the myths and facts of human trafficking
  • Learn to identify red flags that will help you recognize victims of human trafficking
  • Implement an action plan in your office to provide aid, notify the proper authorities, and help prevent human trafficking in your community

9:30am–11:30am • 2 CEU, 20%
What Makes the Ideal Office Manager? Or Who?
Melinda Heryford, MBA; Melinda Heryford Practice Consulting (Sponsored by CareCredit)

What is the role and what is the goal of an “Ideal Office Manager?” In a recent SDDS program, we discovered that less than 15% of the owner doctors currently have an Office Manager on staff. What constitutes one? Do you have one? What do they do? Do you need one?
Doctors: As the CEO of your business, we ask who is filling the role of COO or CGTD “Chief Get Things Done?”
Admin Staff: How can you fill that role? How can you help your dentist see the importance of this position?
Learning objectives:

  • Sharpen your saw and discover the essential role of the OM–COO-CGTD
  • Evaluate how you are doing on the top six fundamental tasks of an OM–COO-CGTD
  • Recognize the three advantages of having this role

10:00am–11:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
How to Build, Manage and Lead YOUR Dental Practice Despite Chronic Staffing Changes
Christine Sison, CE0; Swiss Monkey (SDDS Vendor Member)

It’s hard to run a business when your team keeps changing. What will the next workforce generation look like? How do you deal with THIS CURRENT workforce generation? This session will discuss how businesses are being impacted now and in the future and what you can do to keep your practice running as effectively and efficiently as possible. Discussion will include changes in the labor market, the do’s and don’ts of using off-site team members or companies and emerging compensation models to consider outside of just increasing salary.
Learning objectives:

  • Discover the new mindset to recruiting and staffing and practical steps to build a more resilient practice
  • Learn ways to integrate new employment trends to better your work environment
  • Examine the possibilities for off-site employees; delegation and/or contracting options for outsourcing

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Less is More: Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Treatment Options for Enamel Defects
Jeanette MacLean, DDS, DABPD, FAAPD (Sponsored by Elevate Oral Care, GC America, and DMG America)

Unsightly congenital enamel defects and acquired white spot lesions can be troublesome for many patients. Historically, these blemishes have been treated with invasive and costly resin bondings and veneers. Dealing with enamel defects can prove particularly troublesome for young patients, which when left untreated, often become a source of embarrassment for the patient. Or worse, some lesions may progress to cavitations, particularly post-orthodontic white spot lesions. This course will review three simple and painless options to manage enamel defects. MI Paste, ICON Resin Infiltration, and etch/bleach seal can improve or even completely reverse the appearance of congenital enamel defects and white spot lesions while preserving tooth structure and repairing the patient’s natural enamel.
Learning objectives:

  • Describe the evidence for using MI Paste, ICON Resin Infiltration, and Etch/Bleach/Seal
  • Describe case selection, materials, and clinical protocol for each procedure
  • Review the pros and cons for each technique

10:00am–11:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Advancing Your Talents in Your Dental Assisting Career
Ariane Terlet, DDS; Donna Klein, RDA; and Panel of AWESOME Experts (Sponsored by The FADE Institute; SDDS Vendor Member)

From entry level certification to advanced licensure categories, the process of acquiring training, education and experience to become the top talent within your practice is the focus of this presentation. Join in this discussion about the talent development process and the pathways to achieve your ultimate goals as a key part of the clinical team.
Learning objectives:

  • Discover how using work experience as a training tool can be the stepping stone to advancing workplace responsibilities
  • Learn the roles and options that Dental Board-approved programs can play in your career goals
  • Understand the current career pathways available to achieve your clinical goals and future satisfaction

10:00am–12:30pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
Minimally Invasive Esthetic Rehabilitation
Jose-Luis Ruiz, DDS (Sponsored by Kettenbach, Kuraray)

Every practice has many patients with severe wear, loss of VDO, and serious esthetic concerns. These patients need an esthetic rehabilitation, which traditionally require cutting teeth for crowns, are expensive and complicated. Patients are allowed to be hopeless. This fast-paced course will cover motivating and delivering beautiful and predictable happy smiles, using minimally invasive partial coverage porcelain and composite restorations. Occlusal and esthetic considerations will be covered.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn the predictable techniques for supra-gingival porcelain veneers and direct composite veneers
  • Learn the many benefits of minimally-invasive rehabilitations, and how to avoid complications
  • Learn when opening VDO is more minimally invasive and esthetic

10:30am–12:00pm • 1.5 CEU, Core
Dental Hygiene Education, Performance and Productivity
Loren King, RDH (Sponsored in part by GC America)

We took an oath to provide the highest standard of care to our patients. But how exactly do you define “the highest standard of care?” Many offices and care providers strive only for “acceptable” when, in actuality, there is a way to be educated enough to perform and produce at an expert level. This higher standard of care for our patients also serves to take care of the team. From the importance of “chart prepping” to the medical history questions we SHOULD BE asking, treatment planning and dental hygiene education, performance and productivity, these goals will catapult the dental team to a new level of confidence in achieving expert level of the new “highest standard of care.”
Learning objectives:

  • Prestaging oral health/disease based off x-rays
  • RDH-tailored airway screening and education
  • Patient knee-to-knee interview

10:30am–12:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
I Can Read with My Eyes Shut! Infection Control for Renewal
Marcella Oster, RDA

This course covers infection control principles of sterilization and disinfection of everything that a patient encounters. Dental waterline treatment in accordance with the CDC updated guidelines and new technologies and SOP, plus patient safety will also be discussed. The front and back office should both come to this class so everyone can be on the same page.
Learning objectives:

  • Integrate information for all members of the dental team
  • Meet the requirements for the DBC for licensure renewal

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
The Pandemic No One is Talking About: Sleep Apnea – The Global Killer
Loren King, RDH (Sponsored in part by Shofu)

There is a pandemic happening that most humans don’t even know about. It is also said to be the global killer staring dental professionals in the face every single day. Let’s stop ignoring the biggest collapse in history and start saving lives through education!
Learning objectives:

  • Learn what sleep apnea actually is and what it has to do with dentistry
  • Discover why it is now our responsibility in the dental office
  • Learn what is it doing to the children of our world as well as the young females of our world

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
When the OSHA INSPECTOR Comes Knocking – What Do You Do?
Dolan Williams, CEO; B & W Compliance, Inc. (SDDS Vendor Member)

Are you in compliance with all the OSHA regulations? How often do you and your team update your protocols? Do you have an OSHA Manual? What are the top 10 reasons for OSHA infractions and fines? Join this LIVE webinar to learn what you need to know, what you didn’t know, and how you can bring your office in to compliance.
Learning objectives

  • Become familiar with Cal/OSHA’s role in enforcement and how you may proof up your practice
  • Recognize the elements of an effective safety and health program in relation to a Dental Practice
  • Know what training is required annually by OSHA and how it benefits your staff and practice

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, 20%
The IT World Has Changed!
Dennis Krohn, President; SD Reliance (SDDS Vendor Member)

We are not in the old days of just installing antivirus and setting up a firewall anymore. This course will discuss the ever-changing landscape of cyber security and what dentists can do to prevent breaches and cover what your IT companies should be doing to protect you with cutting edge technology to stay one step ahead of the hackers.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn why security should matter to small business owners and you and your patients can stay safe
  • Discuss cutting edge tools IT companies should be using to protect IT environments
  • Learn what you can do as a user to protect yourself

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
If I Ran the Zoo: CDPA for Licensure Renewal
Marcella Oster, RDA

This course meets the requirements of the Dental Board of California with content for the California Dental Practice Act (CDPA) mandated by regulation to include Business and Professions Code sections 1600 et seq, related regulations, and other statutory mandates related to dental practice. The course includes information on the structure of the Dental Board, governing bodies, utilization and scope of practice for auxiliaries, scope of practice for dentists, laws governing prescription of drugs, citations, fines, revocations and suspensions, mandatory reporter status and license renewal.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn the many facets of the CDPA and the scope of practice definitions and more
  • Review the current changes due to COVID
  • Review law and ethics examples

1:30pm–2:30pm • 1 CEU, 20%
Successful Tips on How to Attract More Fee-for-Service New Patients
Dan Brown; MGE Management Experts (SDDS Vendor Member)

Getting more new patients doesn’t have to cost a lot. Learn how to get high-quality new patients in places you never thought to look! This course will explore the easy to use, low to no cost methods to immediately drive more fee-for-service new patients into your dental practice.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to implement three key successful actions gleaned from analyzing the results of thousands of highly productive and profitable dental practices
  • Discover reasons why potential new patients aren’t finding you online and are going to competitors
  • Learn how to fix these things – it is easy and can be done without needing to hire a web developer

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
Products Update – How Your Choice Matters in Care, Coding and Practice Success
Michelle Callaghan, RDA; Dental Practice Specialist; 3M

What determines the best products in the market and how do you evaluate their performance? This course will define and cross-compare materials you are using every day. We will evaluate product performance and new coding strategies to increase production and prioritize how to streamline products without incurring additional costs, especially multiple bottles and step procedures that have hidden costs and sensitivity.
Learning objectives:

  • Analyze D-Codes and products that will help maintain and reduce costs
  • Initiate the Practice Analysis Tool to determine why re-dos are costly in scheduled time and products
  • Perform a free “Goods Generator” to analyze cost vs. performance

1:45pm–3:45pm • 2 CEU, Core
Forensic Odontology for the Dental Professional: It’s Not Always a “Grave” Situation
Mark Porco, DDS

Do you ever see the headlines of some disaster and wonder how or why some of the victims are identified by dental records? This course will discuss the various disciplines in the forensic sciences, with emphasis on Forensic Odontology, including a brief history lesson, case presentations, “testing” of your forensic skills, and then followed by how this applies to your dental office and every member of your dental team.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn the history of Dental Odontology
  • Learn how IDs are done
  • Discover how to apply this to your office

2:45pm–3:45pm • 1 CEU, 20%
How to Confidently Drop Insurance Plans & Stay Profitable
Dan Brown; MGE Management Experts (SDDS Vendor Member)

Inflation continues to increase and dental practices are feeling the rising costs in terms of payroll, supply costs, and more. In the midst of this, many PPO insurances are actually lowering reimbursement rates! Playing the PPO/HMO game is simply a losing proposition now, unless you want to work harder and harder for less compensation and lower the quality of care for your patients. Most dentists are nervous about dropping plans because they don’t want to lose patients, but this course will demonstrate key steps in phasing out reduced-fee plans, go fee-for-service while still keeping your practice successful.
Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to calculate the actual cost to participate with insurance plans and then how to determine the financial impact if they are dropped
  • Determine which plans benefit your practice and which ones are unsustainable
  • Discover why losing patients is not as much of a concern as you think

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Hyatt Regency Sacramento | 1209 L St • Sacramento, CA 95814
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Raffle Prizes:

  • SDDS encourages all exhibitors to donate prize(s) for the raffle to be held each day. Raffle drawings will be held at YOUR booth, with those eligible being those who VISIT your booth and give you their business cards.

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