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Dental Practice SDDS Members
Alan C. Pan, DDS Alan Pan, DDS
Amy Woo Dental Care Amy Woo, DDS
Arden Dental Care Poornima Talluri, DDS
Capital Pediatric Dentistry David Crippen, DDS
Capitol Periodontal Group Nidhi Jain, BDS, DMD
Robert Pretel, DDS
Pedram Towfighi, DDS
P. Kevin Chen, DMD
Rosemary Wu, DMD
Aneel Nath, DDS
Khalid Rasheed, DDS
Cold Springs Dental Office Madeline Majer, DDS
Comfort Dental Care Matthew Comfort, DDS
Daft, Stamos & Myers Orthodontics Kent Daft, DDS
Charles Stamos, DDS
Christopher Myers, DDS
Daniel P. Jones, DDS Daniel Jones, DDS
Davis Oral Surgery Brian Royse, DDS
Dental & Holistic Health Jeanette Okazaki, DDS
Dental Excellence of Greenhaven Dennis D. Wong, DDS
Dr. Amy Woo Dental Care Amy Woo, DDS
Kristine Balcom, DDS
Dr. Edi Guidi, DDS Edi Guidi, DDS
El Dorado Endodontics David Koehn, DDS
Elk Grove Family Dentistry Christy Rollofson, DDS
Elk Grove Orthodontics Matthew Sandretti, DDS, MSD
Don Rollofson, DMD
Endodontic Associates Dental Group Aneet S. Bal, DDS
David M. Keating, DDS
Gregory J. Kolber, DDS
Gina M. Savani, DMD
Kevin M. Keating, DDS, MS
Sheri Opp, DDS, MS
Homan Javaheri, DMD, MDS
Folsom Oral Surgery and Implant Center Gregory G. Olsen, DDS
Franck Family Dental Kasi Franck, DDS
Giannetti & Booms Orthodontic Specialists Kelly Giannetti, DMD, MS
Thais Booms, DDS, MS
Godfrey Portable Dental M. Franklin Godfrey III, DDS
J. Gregory Nahorny, DDS J. Gregory Nahorny, DDS
Jackson Creek Dental Group Ron Ask, DDS
Craig Kinzer, DDS
Dwight Simpson, DDS
Leon Roda, III, DDS
Jerhet Ask, DDS
Janice R. Work, DDS Janice Work, DDS
Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics Aaron Reeves, DMD
Laguna Creek Orthodontics Jamson Wu, DDS, MSD
Laguna Orthodontics Gregory Adams, DDS, MS
Maidu Dental Luminita Markham, DDS,
David Markham, DDS
Markham Orthodontics David Markham, DDS
Moore Pediatric Dentistry Sydney Moore, DDS,
Kathryn Moore, DDS
Jack Moore, DDS
My Tooth Spa Family Dentistry Maria Teresa De Guzman, DDS
Patrick A. Penney, DDS Patrick Penney, DDS
Paul P. Binon, DDS, MSD Paul P. Binon, DDS, MSD
Perio Specialist Ash Vasanthan, DDS, MS
Riverlake Family Dental Calvin Garland, DDS
Robert Hays, DDS Robert Hays, DDS
Rocklin Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center Jared Antrobus, DDS
Scott P. Churchill, DMD Scott Churchill, DMD
Shellie Edwards, DDS Shellie Edwards, DDS
Steven J. Brazis, DDS Steven J. Brazis, DDS
Tomaich Oral Surgery J. Alex Tomaich, MD, DDS
Wackford Dental Ahmed Salem, DDS
Nagy Elsemary, DDS
Weideman Pediatric Dentistry Cynthia Weideman, DDS
Michael Weideman, DDS
Jeffrey Sue, DDS