IBSI (IBS Implant) & AMII (Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology)

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Gino Choi
ph: (916) 936-6830

Vendor Member since August 2021

Company Description:

IBSI (IBS Implant) Pioneered and patented the Magic System which is uniquely designed to perform minimally invasive implant care.

AMII (Academy of Minimally invasive Implantology) trains and certifies offices to perform minimally invasive implant treatments.

Products & Services:

The Magic Implant System is patented instruments, patented Implants, patented protocols all uniquely designed to perform minimally invasive patient implant treatment.

AMII Community, training, certification, education with paths to advanced credentials, co-branding for patients. Certifications include the acclaimed sinus MISL Method, and dozens of other unique protocols.

Benefits, Special Pricing and/or Discounts Extended to SDDS Members:

  • $500 coupon for live Surgery CE Events
  • Scholarships to Hands-on CE
  • Local Mentorships
  • In-office CE and demonstrations
  • IBS-AMII will design custom education and product bundles from time to time.

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