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Date(s) - November 12, 2015
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


SDDS Classroom
2035 Hurley Way, Suite 200

Event Details

Cyber Security: Protecting You & Your Patients

2.5 CEU, core • $69 Member Price

A data breach can lead to substantial damages and losses to your dental practice, including going out of business. In addition, there are serious issues of state/federal regulatory compliance, statutory penalties, attorney fees, IT forensic costs, statutory letter notification costs and potential patient/victim damages.
Most importantly, there is the potential for loss of your professional practice’s reputation with your patients. (Statistically, 2/3 of small businesses, such as a dental practice, cease to exist within six months of public awareness that a data breach has taken place and patient private information has been compromised.)

This course will cover:

  • Why your dental practice is a prime target for hackers
  • What is a “data breach” and how does it take place
  • What are the risks of a breach and what damages can result
  • What are the regulatory and compliance issues at stake
  • What you should expect from a data-breach protection program

Presented by: Dennis Krohn, Jr. (SD Reliance), John Pefley (360 Risk Partners)

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