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Date(s) - September 21, 2021
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

Event Details

Webinar Business / Practice Management Forum – Dentists Are Judged by Everything but Their Quality of Care

1.5 CEU, 20% • $49 Member Price

Research shows that a bad review has 15 times more impact than a good review. Dental practices with poor customer service pay the price on the internet & local community sites. Jenny identifies today’s dental consumer concerns when choosing a new dentist. She provides the proactive management and communication skills needed to be sensitive to a dental patient buyer today.

Dr. Mike Miyasaki says, “Everyone needs to sign-up, you cannot miss this! Easily a 10x return.”

This is part 1 of a two-part course, make sure you also sign up for part 2 – Ask Jenny: Fine Tuning Your “Welcome to our Practice” Plan on November 17th!

Promised Outcomes:
New patients made to feel welcome and safe become practice ambassadors building referrals and
a great online presence. At every point in this program, Jenny focuses on elevating communication skills to deliver outstanding customer service in a pro-active & positive way for great outcomes

Learning Objectives:

  • Design your website so visitors stay long enough to learn more about your practice and services
  • People equate dentistry with pain and cost. Elevate communication skills to put their concerns into perspective!
  • Techniques give Doctor/Team tools to handle a range of concerns/needs patients use to judge a practice

A. Today’s dental consumer seek answers for their concerns & needs

  • What are their fees?
  • Will they take my dental insurance?
  • How long do I have to wait for a new patient exam?
  • How do they handle emergencies patients?
  • Which of my friends, family or co-workers should I contact for a referral
  • What does my local community sites posts show (ie., Next Door, Yelp)
  • What are the office hours?
  • Do they work evenings and/or Saturdays
  • Wonder if staff will be friendly if I call the office
  • Can I schedule appointments on line?
  • I want to have my teeth cleaned without a new patient exam

B. First visit-

    a – Welcome to our Reception Room and Administrative staff

    • Wow, this reception room is dark & dingy does not give me confidence
    • These magazine are 3 years old-hum
    • I cannot believe I have to fill out so many forms
    • I have been waiting out here for 20 minutes, no one has told me what is going on
    • I wonder if I will ‘like’ the doctor

    b – Doctor & Clinical Team and new patients

    • I am confused, what happens next, when is my next appointment
    • What exactly is my dental problem, doctor spoke so fast
    • Wish I had ability to ask the Doctor some questions, doctor seemed rushed
    • Why was the dental assistant unable to answer my question re treatment cost
    • Why was I seated and left for hours waiting for Doctor

    c – Releasing new patients

    • I didn’t expect to have to pay today
    • Why can’t they just bill my insurance for today’s charges
    • I want to make all my appointments today, will only give me one
    • Why can’t I make my next appointment for crown/bridge at end of day?
    • I don’t like lack of privacy when staff talk to patients I hear everything
    • The bathroom was not very clean, do I have to worry about sterilization
    • Why did business staff ignore me standing at front desk and continue to talk on the phone?

Jennifer de St. Georges:

Ms. de St. Georges has gained and maintains her loyal global following as a speaker who delivers practical, proven and logical solutions for today’s dental practice management issues. Her strong communication skills, delivered with her unique sense of humor, and supported by detailed workbooks, ensure learning is both effective and fun! The first non-dentist to be appointed to Dentistry Today’s Contributing Editors Board, she has delivered over 1,000 programs and published 300+ articles.

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