Direct Placements Dental

California Office: (916) 780-9999
Texas Office: (469) 694-1964

Mark Ray, Sales Director
Phone: (916) 805-4221

Vendor Member since February 2021

Company Description:

Direct Placements Dental is a subsidiary of our 2003 founded company, Direct Placements. Our overall mission is that we improve the well-being of companies and communities by delivering top-tier candidates.

With the technology we have developed, our website guarantees a match to a highly qualified candidate to help you run your business smoothly!

We help you seek either permanent or temporary staff members. Want both? No problem! Contact us.

Products & Services:

Preferred provider of: dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants

Our highly experienced recruiters help you save your valuable time by screening candidates.

  • You set the parameters
  • You approve the candidate
  • You don’t have to pay unless we provided you the hired candidate

We offer a 90-day guarantee for all of our direct hires.

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