Dear SDDS Members,

We are doing our best to keep you up to date and informed during this Covid-19 crisis. Below we are two resources where you can get up to date information or questions answered.

CDA CDA’s Covid-19 Updates Page

The California Dental Association has been regularly updating their Covid-19 (Coronavirus) information page with the latest news. CDA knows that many members are concerned during these times and are doing all they can to provide you with the latest information. Head to CDA’s page to find FAQs, patient screening information, webinars, news articles and more to assist you. CDA’s Covid-19 Updates

CEACalifornia Employers Association (CEA)

Our Vendor Member, the California Employers Association is here to help you with any HR questions during this time. We understand that this time is a difficult one for both employers and employees, let CEA help to answer the HR related questions you may have and help to provide you with resources. CEA Website