Analgesic Services, Inc.

ph: (916) 928-1068
fax: (833) 790-5293

President: Steve Shupe 

Vice Presidents: Lisa Black, Jeff Hardin, and Garrett Neckels

Vendor Member since October 2004

Company Description:

Prompt, Reliable and Complete Medical Gas Services.

Analgesic Services, Inc. offers comprehensive and prompt medical gas services, from installation and system upgrades to reliable deliveries and repairs. For over thirty years, we have been Sacramento’s only full service medical gas provider who guarantees unparalleled technical experience, unequalled product quality and unrivaled customer service.

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Products & Services:

  • Medical gas deliveries
  • Flowmeters, regulators, and medical gas equipment
  • System repairs and certifications
  • System installations and renovations

Benefits, Services, Special Pricing and/or
Discounts Extended to SDDS Members:

SDDS members using Analgesic Services, Inc. as their medical gas provider receive highest priority service response, loaner equipment (if repairs are needed), product and labor discounts, all from a team of dedicated medical gas professionals.

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