Our Staff

Our Staff2022-04-01T09:57:44-07:00

Cathy Levering

Executive Director
Contact Cathy for:

  • Governance
  • Strategic Planning
  • Association Management
  • Leadership Training
  • Everything Else!

Sofia Gutierrez

Membership / Foundation Projects
Contact Sofia for:

  • Member Referrals
  • CPR
  • Registration for events
  • Smiles for Kids Program (Foundation)
  • Smiles for Big Kids Program (Foundation)

Jen Jackson

Membership / Engagement
Contact Jen for:

  • Member Referrals
  • Membership Recruitment
  • Member Volunteers
  • Registration for events

Jessica Luther

Graphic Designer / Publications & Programs / Membership
Contact Jessica for:

  • The Nugget
  • Advertising in The Nugget, Directory or MidWinter Manual
  • SDDS Website and Social Media

Anne Rogerson

Office Manager / Membership
Contact Anne for:

  • Member Referrals
  • Registration for events
  • Classroom rental