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Dave Sholer, CPA, MBA

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Company Description:

A full-service accounting practice exclusively servicing dental professionals. INTEGRATED ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS focuses on enabling you to spend time on dentistry instead of managing your books.

If you’re using multiple service providers, you’re likely overpaying for disjointed service. Your business succeeds when you utilize a single provider for bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes. Everything you need is included for flat, affordable price.

Ever find out you owe a big tax bill after the year has already ended and it’s too late? You should never be surprised by taxes in April! INTEGRATED ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS provides personalized, attentive, proactive care throughout the year. Your books remain up-to-date and taxes are managed year-round.

A major difference with INTEGRATED ACCOUNTING SOLUTIONS is that, instead of being farmed out, all work is personally completed solely by Dave Sholer, CPA. He remains knowledgable of your books and constantly prepared to provide real-time practice guidance. The goal is that your role in the books is low-maintenance and low-stress while you’re also kept informed of your practice’s performance.

Your CPA should always have time for you. We retain a low number of clients, so you’re ensured to receive exceptional service and to get answers when you need them.

Products & Services:

  • Everything below included with fixed, affordable monthly payment. No unexpected bills!
  • UNLIMITED Phone & Email support – plus 2 in-person meetings each year. Located in Davis, but we can always meet at your office, if preferred.
  • Bookkeeping services – keep your books up-to-date
  • Payroll Services – direct deposit, all tax filings, W-2s, 1099 Reporting
  • Business Tax Returns, Annual Tax Projection, and year-round Tax Planning
  • Quarterly Management Financial Reports & Metrics – stay informed of your business
  • Annual Industry Comparison Report – see how you compare
  • For Corporations: corporate minutes, Secretary of State annual filing

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  • FREE consultation to review your books, payroll, and taxes

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