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The California Employers Association provides SDDS with a exclusive HR Hotline number for our SDDS members! You are a dentist, but you are also an employer. Employee evaluations, hiring and firing, labor laws and personnel files are an important part of that! Call free with all of your burning HR questions – SDDS Member benefit! 1-888-784-4031

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The Dentists Supply Company (TDSC) leverages collective purchasing power to attain better supply pricing for practices of every size. Save on dental supplies from authorized vendors through a single, convenient site. See significant discounts, plus free shipping as a benefit included in dental association membership.
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SDDS Design Department

The SDDS Design Department is open and ready for your business. As a member benefit, our Design Department is ready to help our SDDS Members. This member benefit is something that we think will be a great opportunity for our SDDS members only. We are excited to share our talents with you – hope you call us! Click here for more information.

SDDS Membership Directory

The SDDS Membership Directory is published on an annual basis and lists SDDS members in five counties — Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo. In addition to the member’s name, the directory provides his/her specialty, dental school with year of graduation, contact information and photo. The directory also includes the SDDS calendar of events, SDDS history, a vendor member listing, an advertising section and much more.
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Job Bank

The SDDS Job Bank is a service offered only to SDDS Members. It provides a forum for job-seekers to reach other Society members who may be looking for dentists to round out their practice, and vice versa. If you are a job seeker, associate seeker, selling or buying a practice, contact SDDS at (916) 446-1227 and cash into the SDDS Job Bank!
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Name Phone / Fax Email Dental School Location Specialty
Marcela Diaz, DMD 916.667.8783 info[at] Boston Univ/1993 Elk Grove Ortho
Robert Catron, DDS 530.919.0265 sacramentodds[at] UOP Cameron Park P/T GP
Kelvin Tse, DDS 916.773.6565 k.morales[at] UOP Sacramento P/T GP
Cynthia Weideman, DDS 916.962.0577 k.morales[at] UOP Sacramento P/T Ortho
Monika Gugale, DDS 916.580.7864 monika.gugale[at] Sacramento GP
Nima Aflatooni, DDS 916.635.9605 drnima[at] UOP/2010 Sacramento P/T GP
Quynh Pham, DDS 916.419.8777 quynh.pham62[at] Baylor/1993 Sacramento P/T GP
Ashley Joves, DDS 916.500.4577 ashleyjoves[at] NYU/2009 Folsom P/T GP, Endo, Oral Surgeon
Thomas Ludlow, DDS 916.983.6767 cheryal[at] SF Univ/2000 Sacramento P/T GP
Raj Zanzi, DDS 916.797.0825 smile_dentist[at] Tufts/1999 Sacramento P/T GP/Ortho
Jonathan Chan, DDS 916.771.8828 jchandds[at] UCSF/1995 Roseville F/T GP
Christopher Chan, DDS 916.804.0577 cchandds[at] UOP/2002 Sacramento F/T GP
Elica Health Centers 855.354.2242 ntecson[at] UOP/2011 Sacramento F/T GP
Mignon Mapanao, DDS 916.990.8968 drm[at] Univ of the East/1989 Rocklin F/T,P/T GP
Kids Care Dental 916.661.5754 drtalent[at] Sacramento/Stockton P/T,F/T Oral Surgeon
Capitol Periodontal Group 916.786.6585 drw[at] Univ of Pennsylvania/2003 Sacramento F/T Perio
Children’s Choice Pediatric 925.890.7519 tchristopher[at] Sacramento F/T,P/T Pediatrics
Michael Hinh, DDS 916.436.1750 dr.hinh[at] UCSF (2002) Sacramento P/T GP
Mark Redford,DDS 916.826.7404 maignon5[at] Sacramento/Roseville P/T GP
R Bruce Thomas, DDS 530.753.4728 drthomas[at] USC (1989) Davis P/T GP
Amy Woo, DDS 916.443.8955 gmlenterprise[at] UOP (1989) Sacramento P/T Endo
Make A Smile 916.984.0304 info[at] () Sacramento P/T, F/T Pedo, Ortho, Endo, OS
Smile Time Dental 916.984.4224 info[at] () Sacramento P/T, F/T GP
Jacqueline Delaney, DDS 530.587.9098 delaneydmd[at] UNLV (2014) Truckee P/T, F/T GP
Paul Raskin, DDS 916.971.6700 praskin[at] Univ of Detroit (1964) Sacramento P/T, F/T Removable pros
Ana Maria Antoniu, DMD 617.447.3582 idosmilebig[at] Boston/2004 Sacramento (P/T) GP
Dr. C. Tran 916.422.5612 ctran77777[at] Sacramento (P/T) GP
Christopher Schiappa, DDS P: 209.295.5251 marlene-drschiappa[at] Ohio State (1979) Pioneer, ((P/T) General
Gilbert Limhengco, DDS P: 916.838.1090 gilbertlim[at] University of the East (1897) Sacramento (P/T) GP and Endodontist
KidsCare Dental Group and Orthodontics P: 916.678.3565
F: 916.469.2293
JSummers[at] Lodi (F/T) Pediatric (new grads welcome)
KidsCare Dental Group and Orthodontics P: 916.678.3565
F: 916.469.2293
JSummers[at] Sacramento (F/T) Pediatric(2-3 yrs. experience)
KidsCare Dental Group and Orthodontics P: 916.678.3565
F: 916.469.2293
[at] Bay Area (F/T) Ortho
Precision Orthodontics P: 916.276.1220 F: 916.408.8648 bccraw01[at] Antelope (P/T, F/T) Ortho
Wellspace Health Organization P: 916.469.4701 eljohnson[at] (P/T,F/T,Fill-In) General

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Name Phone Email School Schedule Specialty
Yen Nguyen, DDS 408.903.3892 yennnguyendds[at] UCSF/ 2019 P/T GP
Gaetan Tchamba, DDS 916.691.1650 drgtchamba[at] Loma Linda/2016 P/T GP
Erica Hsiao, DDS 602.751.6402 erica.hsiao[at] UCLA/2011 P/T Perio
Samuel Karavan, DDS 916.340.5774 mrkaravan[at] Loma Linda (2018) F/T, P/T GP
Behdad Javdan, DDS bjavdan2013[at] UCSF/SUNY (2016) P/T Perio
Steve Murphy, DMD 412.855.9914 murphy.steve[at] University of Connecticut (2001)
Boston University (2007)
P/T, F/T Endo
Bruce Taber, DDS 909.289.3086 btaber46[at] Loma Linda (1987) EMERGENCY Fill In Only GP

Scroll to the right to view the entire table | Updated 3/6/2020

Haldipur, Shweta, DDS 415-889-3639 sddentist[at] UCSF/2015 F/T, P/T GP

You Should Know

Reprinted with permission from the CDA

CDA is actively engaged in the Legislature’s effort to address the state’s flawed new prescription-form requirements. Under AB 149 (Cooper, D-Elk Grove), introduced in January, implementation of the requirement that prescription forms include a unique serialized number would be delayed to a date no later than Jan. 1, 2020, as determined by the Department of Justice. It also imposes new requirements for the forms and allows prescriptions written on noncompliant forms — those approved as of or prior to Jan. 1, 2019 — to be considered valid and eligible to be filled until Jan. 1, 2021. AB 149 is currently pending in the Senate after Assembly approval last week. CDA anticipates the governor will sign the measure by the end of the month. Due to its urgency status, the bill would be effective immediately.
For more information, go to:

Reprinted with permission from the CDA

Dentists have reported to CDA that pharmacies have rejected their prescriptions due either to forms that are out of date or are missing required elements. All prescriptions have been for controlled substances, which must be on tamper-resistant forms printed by California-approved printers and containing California-specific pre-printed elements.
A list of approved prescription pad printers can be found at:

Reprinted with permission from the CDA

CDA’s newest subsidiary, The Dentists Service Company, officially launched its services to CDA members this summer. TDSC was established to support dentists with the business side of dentistry, specializing in practice management advising and group purchasing services.
CDA formed TDSC in response to members’ strong interest in CDA pursuing a management services company to help members be more competitive and efficient in an ever-evolving profession, while ensuring all clinical-care decisions and practice ownership remain with dentists.
TDSC’s practice management services take a comprehensive approach to practice advising, marketing and human resources. Member-clients work with TDSC experts as an extension of their team to build a strategic action plan geared toward their own practice goals and vision.
Visit to check it out!