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The SDDS Design Department is open and ready for your business. As a member benefit, our Design Department is ready to help our SDDS Members. This member benefit is something that we think will be a great opportunity for our SDDS members only. We are excited to share our talents with you – hope you call us! Click here for more information.

SDDS Membership Directory

The SDDS Membership Directory is published on an annual basis and lists SDDS members in five counties — Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo. In addition to the member’s name, the directory provides his/her specialty, dental school with year of graduation, contact information and photo. The directory also includes the SDDS calendar of events, SDDS history, a vendor member listing, an advertising section and much more.
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Job Bank

The SDDS Job Bank is a service offered only to SDDS Members. It provides a forum for job-seekers to reach other Society members who may be looking for dentists to round out their practice, and vice versa. If you are a job seeker, associate seeker, selling or buying a practice, contact SDDS at (916) 446-1227 and cash into the SDDS Job Bank!
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Name Phone / Fax Email Dental School Location Specialty
Ashkan Alizadeh, DDS P: 916.487.7148 F: 916.487.1468 alizadehdds[at] NYU (2003) Sacramento, (F/T)(P/T) General
Camelia Cifor, DDS P: 916.489.9944 drcifor[at] UOP (2009) Sacramento (F/T,P/T) General
Reuben Clark, DDS P: 916.251.6810 reubenjclark[at] UT (2008) El Dorado Hills (F/T,P/T) General
CommuniCare Health Centers P: 530.757.4667 F: 530.758.2109 employment[at] Davis(FT) General
Raul Contreras, DMD P: 530.885.6559 rauljcontrerasdmd[at] Temple Univ (2011) Rocklin/Auburn( P/T) General
Crystal Dental P: 916.821.0867 F: 916.487.3817 elainecash[at] Sacramento(FT/PT) General/Pedo
Eloisa Espiritu, DDS P: 916.204.2819 eloisadds[at] UCSF(2002) Lincoln(F/T & P/T) General
Timothy Herman, DDS P: 916.408.5557 F: 916.409.5557 timhermandds[at] UCSF (1988) Lincoln (F/T & P/T) General
Lindsay Johnson-Metro, DDS P: 916.899.5067 F: 888.678.2930 UOP (2002) Roseville, (F/T)(P/T) O/S
Lynn S. Judd, DDS P: 916.698.5833 F: 916.983.3334 ljudddds[at] Loyola (1977) Folsom(F/T with potential for buy out) General
Sumeet Kaur, DDS P: 916.624.0676 UIC (2011) Rocklin, (P/T) General
Neelofar Khan, DDS P: 530.933.1527
F: 916.575.9413
khan_nosheen[at] De’Montmorency Sacramento (P/T) General
KidsCare Dental Group and Orthodontics P: 916.678.3565
F: 916.469.2293 Elk Grove, (F/T) Ortho
KidsCare Dental Group and Orthodontics P: 916.678.3565
F: 916.469.2293 Calvine, (F/T) Ortho/experienced
Lisa Laptalo, DMD P: 916.221.4321 F: 916.221.4323 lisalaptalodmd[at] Tufts Univ (2006) Sacramento(F/T; P/T) General/Pedo
Hung Le, DDS P: 916.509.1468 hungledds[at] NYU (2001) South Sacramento, P/T) GP
Gilbert Limhengco, DDS P: 916.838.1090 gilbertlim[at] University of the East (1897) Sacramento (P/T) GP and Endodontist
Make A Smile P: 916.984.0304 info[at] Sacramento(F/T; P/T) General/Pedo/Ortho/Endo/OS
Rakesh Mantena, DDS P: 916.939.6777 rmantena[at] USC (2009) El Dorado Hills (F/T; P/T) GP
David Park, DDS P: 310.403.1117 davidparkdds[at] UCLA 2004 (F/T) General
Patrick Penney, DDS P: 916.453.1808 papenney[at] UOP(1974) Sacramento (P/T) Endo
Quynh-Trang Pham, DDS P: 916.419.8777 F: 916.419.8787 Baylor College 1993 Sacramento (P/T) GP
Precision Orthodontics P: 916.276.1220 F: 916.408.8648 Sacramento (P/T) Ortho
Roholt, David, DDS P: 530.885.5696 dhroholtdds[at] UCSF Auburn (F/T) GP
Smile Time Dental, P: 916.984.4224 info[at] Sacramento, (F/T)(P/T) General
Yusuke Suzuki, D.M.D., P: 209.625.5728 ycsuzuki[at] NSU/2002 Lodi, (F/T)(P/T) General
Wellspace Health Organization P: 916.469.4701 eljohnson[at] (P/T,F/T,Fill-In) General
Jerard Wilson, DDS P: 916.663.5555 yourdentist[at] UCLA (1970) Rocklin (P/T) General

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Name Phone Email Dental School Schedule Specialty
Russell Anders, DDS 530.644.3438 ra95709[at] UOP (1965) P/T (fill in/Locum Tenens) General
Amanda Chen, DDS 415.320.9774 azc11375[at] Columbia (1999), Columbia/Ortho (2002) P/T Ortho
Ethan Fox, DDS 858.248.3359 ethanfoxdds[at] UOP (2004) P/T, F/T GP
Jordan Gaddis, DDS 916.206.6902 jtrentgaddis[at] USC (2017) P/T, F/T GP
Behdad Javdan, DDS 310.403.3479 bjavdan2013[at] UCSF (2013) P/T, F/T Perio
Lee Lo, DDS 530.966.5055 Lee.lodds[at] UCLA (2017) F/T GP
Steve Murphy, DMD 412.855.9914 murphy.steve[at] University of Connecticut (2001)
Boston University (2007)
P/T, F/T Endo
Ronald Rott, DDS 916.835.3504 ronaldrott[at] UCSF / University of Washington (1967) P/T Perio
Steve Saffold, DDS 916.442.6566 spsaff[at] Georgetown (1977) EMERGENCY Fill In Only GP
Bruce Taber, DDS 909.289.3086 btaber46[at] Loma Linda (1987) EMERGENCY Fill In Only GP

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Name Phone Email School Schedule Specialty

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Name Phone Email Dental School Location Specialty
Amanda Chen 415.320.9774 azc11375[at] Columbia University Sacramento Ortho
Jordan Gaddis, DDS 916.206.6902 jtrentgaddis[at] USC (2017) GP
Tim Herman, DDS 916.784.1144 timherman[at] UCSF GP
Kayla Nguyen, DDS 916.205.7405 knd475[at] UCSF (2002) GP
Rika Prodhan-Ashraf, DDS 202.271.0424 rprodhan[at] Stony Brook (2015) GP
Scott Snyder, DDS 916.216.3929 dr.snyderdds[at] USC (2000) CP

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Name Phone Email Dental School Location Specialty
Fong, Dan, DDS 916.799.6661 fongdds[at] UCSF (1979) Sacramento General
Paul Raskin, DDS 916.971.6700 praskin[at] University of Detroit (1964) Sacramento General