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Company Description:

About Kulzer Dental US – Giving a Hand to Oral Health

Your hands transform patients’ lives. Through restorative and esthetic treatments, you provide patients with beautiful smiles, self-esteem and improved quality of life.

The whole team, from dental laboratory to dental office, deserve materials that meet the highest quality standards.

It is our mission to support your daily work with innovative and reliable products that offer added value. Because oral health belongs in good hands.

Kulzer also collaborates with health care providers, researchers and academic institutions to support community wellbeing and overall oral health. To that end, Kulzer is a corporate supporter of the National Children’s Oral Health Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides access to care for thousands of underserved children, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Kulzer is also one of the leading dental alloy refiners in North America with over 50 years’ experience.

Products & Services:

  • Venus Composites: Pearl, Diamond, Diamond Flow, Bulk Fill
  • Gluma Desensitizers: Liquid and Gel
  • iBond Bonding: Self Etch and Total Etch
  • Flexitime Impression Materials
  • Venus Whitening: Max, Pro, Ultra, plus home maintenance care items
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Educational Opportunities and Tutorials
  • Business and Marketing Support
  • Metal Refining

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