Integrated Accounting Solutions

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Integrated Accounting Solutions

ph: (530) 231-5286

Dave Sholer, CPA, MBA

Vendor Member since August 2016

Company Description:

All full-service tax & accounting practice, working solely with dental practices. Here’s what makes Integrated Accounting Solutions unique:

  • All-inclusive service. Everything you need for a low, flat rate. No unexpected bills!
  • Guaranteed quick responses. If it takes you several phone calls or emails to hear back from your CPA, they don’t have time for you! We retain a low number of clients to ensure you receive exceptional service and get answers when you need them.
  • CPA does 100% of your work. Instead of utilizing inexperienced staff for your practice’s accounting, all work is done by Dave Sholer, CPA. In most larger firms, clients meet with their CPA, but the work gets passed to less-experienced staff (although you still get a huge bill at the CPA’s hourly rate). Need quick advice based on actual performance through today? Good luck–they’ll check with their staff and get back to you!
  • Proactive tax planning. Every transaction is viewed through the lens of taxes, and we keep your projection updated year-round. If you’ve ever been surprised by a tax bill in April, you’re receiving inadequate service.
  • Net Zero Billing. Our goal is for our low fees to be far-exceeded by our tax-saving strategies. We want to actually add value to your business!

Products & Services:

  • Bookkeeping- your books kept up to date daily, and reports sent monthly
  • Payroll- direct deposit, all tax filings, W-2s, 1099s, & HR Support
  • Business tax returns, Annual tax projection, and Year-round tax planning
  • Quarterly management financial reports & metrics
  • Corporate minutes, Secretary of State filing, County business property tax return
  • UNLIMITED Support with guaranteed response times!

Benefits, Services, Special Pricing and/or
Discounts Extended to SDDS Members:

  • Free, no obligation consultation to review your books, payroll, and taxes

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