The MidWinter Convention & Expo is SDDS’ biggest event of the year! It’s a two-day convention and expo held at the Sacramento Convention Center.

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The MidWinter Convention & Expo brings dentists & dental professionals together to:

  • Cover all your CE bases with SDDS!
  • Enjoy world-renowned speakers on current dental topics and trends
  • Attend the Expo to meet vendor representatives on the latest products and services
  • Build a bond with office team members

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Thursday, February 21, 2019


7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, CORE
California Dental Practice Act – Conduct, Competence, Culpability & System of Rules & Regulations
Lisa Saiia

How do you conduct yourself? What is your level of competency? Are you opening yourself to culpability? This lecture will share real life situations and outcomes that have occurred in dentistry. We will discuss and emphasize the importance of following the system of rules and regulations required by the Dental Board of California and recent changes.

  • Understand the scope of practice, acts of violation and unprofessional conduct
  • Know the laws governing prescribing of drugs, citations, suspensions, and mandatory reporting
  • Learn how to avoid patient complaints through communication and accountability of failure to follow standard operating procedures and the law

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
The Business of Implant Dentistry
Joy Millis, CSP; Joy of Communication

Implant dentistry can be life-changing, especially since over 35 million Americans have NO teeth, and 178 million are missing at least one tooth. Are you ready to provide this life-changing service? Business and communication skills go hand-in-hand with the clinical skills necessary for providing implant dentistry. Learn how to help patients make the best decisions about treatment by communicating clearly, coordinating care to completion, and preventing misunderstandings while managing risk.

  • Learn how to effectively communicate with patients about implants—what implants are, what they do, and how implants may benefit the patient
  • Engage every member of the team in understanding how to coordinate treatment to completion for patients, so patients are not confused or lost in the middle of treatment
  • Understand the importance of the team’s involvement in managing risk with appropriate documentation and clear communication with patients

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Botox & the Board
Carlos Alvarez, Chief of Enforcement; Dental Board of CA

Dentists using Botox and fillers for facial cosmetics is illegal in California, unless you have a special license to administer it. Currently only 28 Elective Facial Cosmetic Surgery Permits exist. The Dental Board of California’s (DBC’s) mission is to protect and promote the health and safety of consumers of the State of California. Cosmetic use of Botox and dermal fillers has gained in popularity and the public demand is ever-increasing. But, when a patient becomes dissatisfied with their cosmetic treatment (smile, reshaping of the mouth, etc.) and feels that their dental health is now in jeopardy, they turn to the DBC’s Enforcement program to investigate the dentist’s training, education and special permits to perform elective facial cosmetic surgery. Suspension and/or revocation of the dental license is a possibility. Learn about:

  • The DBC’s Enforcement program
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Botox and permits

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Rethink Your Drink
Karen Lemieux, RDH & Neela Satyanarayan, MPH, CHES

The linkage between oral health and chronic disease is trending in public health. Oral health professionals can leverage this momentum by integrating the impact of sugar-sweetened beverage consumption on dental caries, obesity, and other chronic diseases into their patient education messaging. This course reviews the Rethink Your Drink campaign and its connection to influencing beneficial oral health habits.

  • Learn about the Rethink Your Drink campaign
  • Recognize the impact of shared messaging in promoting positive oral health behaviors
  • Understand how to apply Rethink Your Drink messaging in the dental office

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Prosthodontic Planning – The Key to Simplifying Complex Cases
Brock Hinton, DDS

Want to restore a difficult case? Where do you start? Where should the teeth go? How is the vertical dimension determined? To achieve esthetic and functional success, the end result needs to be clearly established and visualized before implants are placed or a bur hits a tooth. Many tools are available, including denture set ups, diagnostic wax ups, surgical guides and digital dentistry. Complex cases require a collaborative approach where other dental specialties are needed to get the best result. Several complex cases will be presented to show what can be done and the process for getting there. Learn:

  • How to establish a vision and sequence a plan to accomplish the vision
  • Why you need to be good at denture prosthetics in order to excel with fixed restorative cases
  • How to preserve or develop a socket in order to get better implant esthetics

8:00am–9:30am • No CEU
How to Make Your Website “POP”!
Mike Johnstone; Infostar

So you have yourself a website—great!!! But is it converting new patients? This presentation will focus on elements of a website that directly work to convert new patients and maximize effectiveness, website success and productivity. Learn:

  • Proper website set-up & feature functionality
  • Why ‘mobile-first’ is important
  • Popular pages, goal elements & analytical tools

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Yoganomics: Postural Health & Ergonomic Considerations for the Dental Professional
Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT

This course overviews the benefits of yoga in postural health and sound ergonomic practices essential in maintaining optimal clinician health. A review of ergonomics will include specific methods to enhance positioning and techniques to prevent repetitive stress related injuries. In addition, yoga research as it relates to postural and total health will be presented as well as the impact of yoga on the various body systems. Participants will also be introduced to the various styles of yoga and have the opportunity to experience poses that can be employed daily in the dental setting.

  • Identify ergonomic issues relating to clinical practice
  • Incorporate technologies/protocols designed to maximize postural health
  • Integrate yoga stretches/poses into the “WHO hand hygiene” protocol

9:45am–12:15pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
The Periodontic/Orthodontic Connection: Maximizing Success with the Orthodontic Patient
Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT

Orthodontic therapies are no longer confined to the adolescent population and as such the role of the dental team members in patient education has grown significantly in recent years. This course will include the latest in tooth movement sciences as well as the periodontic/orthodontic connection. Methods to maximize oral health during therapy, including CAMBRA (Caries Management by Risk Assessment) and periodontal considerations, will be included in this interactive, fast paced seminar!

  • Understand the role of the dental hygienist in recognizing patients who would benefit from orthodontic therapy
  • Review the periodontic/orthodontic connection
  • Establish a treatment plan to maximize optimal oral health during orthodontic therapy

9:45am–12:15pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
Navigating Function & Aesthetic Focused Dentistry
Michael Miyasaki, DDS

Ever see a patient with worn teeth? Ever have a patient having debilitating headaches? A patient who wants optimum dental health? A patient who says there is nothing wrong, but when they open and close their jaws, sounds like they are filled with rocks? This course discusses restorative, aesthetic and functional principles that an be applied in practices.

  • See how to apply aesthetic smile design principles to improve function
  • Understand how to determine the correct vertical dimension and what is even more important than vertical dimension
  • Learn how to prepare, impress, temporize and cement aesthetic materials used to restore one tooth or the entire mouth

10:00am–11:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Lost Patients: Discovered & Recovered
Joy Millis, CSP; Joy of Communication

Are your patients at risk because they did not proceed with recommended necessary care? They are! Plus, did you know that 50% of your active patients don’t have an appointment for anything—not even a prophy? They are at risk and you are at risk. In this session, you will learn how patients are lost, and how to bring them back to receive necessary, recommended care.

  • Learn how patients mysteriously disappear, putting them at risk of experiencing clinical loss
  • Discover how to find and keep them engaged in receiving necessary treatment
  • Understand how apathy can put you and your patients at risk of experiencing additional loss

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens – Rules, Regulations & Requirements, Oh My!
Lisa Saiia

Is your dental practice comfortable or fearful of an OSHA inspection? Understanding and following through with annual OSHA mandated compliance is vital to the protection of employees and essential to patient centered care. Stories of situations that turned the practice into chaos and how it could have been avoided will be shared.

  • Learn about the “Globally Harmonized System of Classification” and the new labeling elements of chemicals, pictograms, and standard format for SDS
  • Check list your general office safety and hazard communication protocols including emergency procedures, reporting, sharps and instrument sterilization and how to avoid cross contamination
  • Understand the infectious disease process, emerging bloodborne and airborne diseases and how to protect yourself and your patients

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Tobacco, Oral Health & Your Patient: Incorporating Current Research into Tobacco Cessation
Deborah Blanchard, RDH & Danica Peterson, MPH

Counseling in Dental Offices: The use of tobacco products is widely known to affect oral health and increase risk for disease. Tobacco cessation counseling in the dental office can reinforce the messaging of preventing and/or reducing tobacco use among patients. This course offers up-to-date information on emerging tobacco products and their impact on oral health, as well as simple tips for incorporating tobacco cessation counseling into daily practice.

  • Learn about the latest research related to tobacco products and oral health
  • Understand motivational interviewing to initiate discussion of tobacco cessation
  • Identify methods for implementing tobacco cessation counseling for patients

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, 20%
Where Saving Dollars Makes Sense – Fine Tuning the Supply Side of Your Practice
Michael Wilgus, TDSC Director of Sales/Business Development

This course is designed to give dental practices a systematic approach to achieving an optimum administrative supply ratio. The methodologies introduced can be translated to all operational areas of a dental practice, including SMART goals, SWOT analysis, and a bottom up approach to strategy development focused on people, processes, and systems.

  • Understand and manage your practice operations more effectively, allowing for improved focus and clarity in decision making
  • Analyze historical practice data, including fixed and variable expenses
  • Identify, outline, and assess practice objectives and goals (SMART)

10:00am–12:30pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
Dale Alto, DDS

Restoring the edentulous or terminal dentition patient historically has been challenging due to a number of factors. Multiple surgeries, complex prosthetic protocols, long treatment duration, and high cost have all been perceived challenges associated with these cases. The All-on-4® Treatment Concept offers patients an immediate, fixed, full arch restoration that eliminates these barriers. This lecture will present all aspects of All-on-4® treatment including patient selection, case work-up, surgical/restorative steps, post-op protocol, complications, and implementation into your practice. Success rates and clinical cases will also be reviewed.

  • Identify potential patients for treatment
  • Understand the surgical/restorative principles and workflow used in these cases
  • Confidently implement All-on-4® treatment into your practice

1:30pm–2:30pm • 1 CEU, CORE
Navigating Insurance
Joy Millis, CSP; Joy of Communication

“I can’t do it unless my insurance pays for it!” What can you say when patients are waving their insurance in your face? So many practices are deeply engaged in the insurance world, to the point of insurance telling your patients what to do. Patients need treatment but find themselves stopping at the “max.” Learn how to evaluate insurance involvement, make decisions about participation, and how to communicate with patients about the limitations of coverage.

  • Learn to evaluate the insurance cost and benefit for patients compared to fees
  • Know how to communicate with patients about their insurance limitations
  • Learn what you can do to make informed decisions about insurance participation

1:30pm–2:30pm • 1 CEU, 20%
What You Need to Know About the Hiring Process
Francis J. Tobias, Vice President Human Resources; CDA

With the many changes in employment law one can get easily confused about what you can or can’t do with regards to hiring employees. Are we supposed to do background checks? Are there questions we can’t ask? What about wages? These questions and many more can limit your practice’s greatest resource, the ability to attract and retain really awesome people. Course Objectives:

  • Learn best practice knowledge to avoid common hiring mistakes
  • Gain confidence in your hiring process
  • Demonstrate the ability to enhance morale in the practice and create consistency with your team by hiring really awesome people

1:30pm–3:00pm • 1.5 CEU, CORE
First Impressions Matter
The Foundation for Allied Dental Education (FADE) Speaker

Experts agree: The key to a successful indirect restoration is “a masterful impression.” Everyone can do an impression, but not all do it well. What constitutes mastery in impression taking? This hands-on workshop will focus on the difference between a readable impression vs. a distorted one.

  • Discover new and emerging materials for success
  • Experience key techniques in the use of advanced products

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
Dental Wear & Sleep Bruxism – Myths, Misinformation & Management Strategies
Ward Noble, DDS, MS

This two part presentation will discuss dentistry’s hidden enemy, tooth wear, and its increasing incidence and severity. Consumption among adolescents of acidic drinks and use of multiple medications by old adults is resulting in significant tooth surface loss. Knowledge of sleep bruxism has been clouded by various opinions, myths and conflicting concepts of parafunctional behaviors, “awake” bruxism and clenching. Interactions among saliva, erosive tooth wear, sleep apnea and gastric reflux (GERD) will be discussed. This new knowledge will help guide practitioners toward useful and practical management strategies.

  • Understand the causes and effects of erosive tooth wear
  • Discover management strategies, prevention and restorative treatment for tooth wear
  • Understand the causes and effects of sleep bruxism and treatment protocols for various parafunctional habits

1:30pm–4:30pm • 3 CEU, CORE
Meth, ACEs & CPS: The Strange Relationship
Mitch Goodis, DDS & Jennifer Berry, MS

Methamphetamine is everywhere. Unravel the mystery of the allure of Crystal as the physiology, neurology and psychology behind meth use is explained. Everyone knows someone affected by Meth… relatives, kids or friends. Why were they predisposed to drug addiction, how did they start, and why is the relapse rate so high? How do ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) predict future drug dependence? Health care professionals are mandated reporters: what happens after Child Protective Services is notified and arrives on the scene?

  • Understand the physiology, neuropathology, psychology and allure of Crystal Methamphetamine
  • Know how CPS evaluates a family to protect a child from abuse, neglect and injury in a family using drugs

1:30pm–4:30pm • 3 CEU, CORE
Top Trending Topics in Dentistry
Kristy Menage Bernie, RDH, MS, RYT

More than ever, consumers are being “educated” through social media, home shopping networks and the press regarding not only the latest and greatest oral health technologies and products, but “news” debunking long standing oral hygiene practices. From DYI ortho to magic solutions that cure tooth decay; apps that connect with power toothbrushes, to whitening in minutes, it seems that there is something for every oral condition that is faster, easier and painless. This session with explore top trending topics that impact clinical practice (is there sufficient research to support daily use of dental floss?!).

  • Understand and appreciate the impact of social media on patients’ dental “IQ”
  • Develop strategies to educate patients about trending topics and associated research or lack thereof
  • Implement an action plan to monitor trending topics and be prepared to provide evidence-based responses

1:30pm–4:30pm • 3 CEU, CORE
Dental Photography: From Snapshot to Glamour Shot
James Dunn, DDS

It is a visual world! Dentistry is forced to use photos for records and communication. The quality of our photos many times affects the perceived quality of our practices. Quality photos give clear diagnostic and clinical records that allows the Dentist to visually share and communicate with patients and dental referrals. This course will demonstrate:

  • The characteristics of digital photos from simple shapshots to professional photographic quality
  • Equipment suggestions for each specific photo quality and use

3:00pm–4:30pm • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Heroes – Rescue Your Patients & Your Practice
Joy Millis, CSP; Joy of Communication

Dental professionals are doing amazing things in practices—saving lives, saving practices, and creatively communicating with patients by helping patients receive life-changing care. Hear examples of incredible, yet simple, things you can do to come to the rescue for your patients and your practice.

  • Learn how to be the hero for your patients and your practice
  • Understand how creativity and uniqueness can benefit your patients
  • Learn how to do what others are not willing to do to benefit your patients in a life-changing way

3:00pm–4:30pm • 1.5 CEU, 20%
I Just Want To Practice Dentistry! Defining Leadership In Your Dental Practice
Christine Draa, VP of Organizational Development & Governance; CDA and Sarah Gargani, Sr. Training Partner; CDA

You went to school to practice dentistry but now you spend your time “managing.” Influence office culture, define your practice vision, and articulate expectations so you can get back to what you love doing! This course, for dentists as well as staff, will discuss:

  • Understanding the components needed to establish cohesive teams and effective leadership structures
  • Team involvement in practice mission, vision and office rules of engagement and expectations
  • Creating a culture of accountability fueled by trust and respect

3:00pm–5:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Infection Control – The Latest Info for Patient Protection
Lisa Saiia

Dental healthcare personnel are exposed to a variety of infectious diseases during the course of a typical work day. Proper infection control protocols can minimize or eliminate risk. This lecture presents the newest information concerning airborne and bloodborne transmissible disease, optimum standard operating procedures, patient protection, as well as new data from CDC.

  • Learn proper sterilization and disinfection process, purging and flushing water lines and devices, and written protocol development
  • Hear attention grabbing stories of situations gone amiss

3:30pm–4:30pm • 1 CEU, CORE
Relevant or Relic? The RDA Dilemma
The Foundation for Allied Dental Education (FADE) Speaker

The role of the RDA in contemporary dentistry is quickly becoming irrelevant. With dentists recognizing that they need to “up their game,” so too does the clinical workforce. This conversation will include:

  • Pathways to advanced licensure
  • Successful utilization for maximum productivity
  • What the future holds for licensed chairside assistants

Friday, February 22, 2019

7:30am–9:30am • 2 CEU, CORE
Infection Control in Your Hands…or Is It “on” Your Hands?
Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS

What is the newest information regarding diseases relevant in the dental setting? What are the best ways to protect the dental staff as well as the patient? The current CDC Guidelines and state regulations for infection control will serve as the basis of this presentation, with a look at realistic strategies to meet those recommendations.

  • Learn approaches to selecting and using the most effective products
  • Discuss how best to screen patients for aerosol transmitted diseases (ATDs), as required by Cal/OSHA
  • Update your dental waterline program

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
The Art of CBCT
Craig Dial; DDI Imaging Center

Acquiring excellent CBCT data for accurate diagnosis is always important, but when the DICOM is used in modeling, planning, and surgical guides, it is imperative that precise scanning techniques is applied to achieve the best results. One must be proficient in diagnostic scanning, appreciate and comprehend the science, technology, capabilities, and limitations of CBCT scanners.

  • Discuss the skills and tools needed to keep CBCT machines tuned for optimum capability
  • Know the proper scan protocols and the radiographic need of the clinical question that is being asked of the exam
  • Take this class if you own, operate or are interested in purchasing a CBCT

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
How Healthy is Your Recall?
Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Increased customer loyalty is an important drive of long-term success and retaining patients is not only less expensive, but existing loyal patients accept treatment more readily. They generate positive word of mouth and referrals and are less likely to defect for “discounts.” In fact, retaining 5% more of existing patients can boost practice as much as 95%.

  • Determine your true recall return rate
  • Conduct a Recall “Renewal” Exam using specific tools for the best patient visit
  • Learn how to Increase Treatment Acceptance from existing patients

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Fabricating Esthetic Anterior CAD/CAM Restorations
Jenny Apekian, DDS

Understand morphology and discuss tips to produce esthetic anterior restorations using CAD/CAM technology. Discuss factors, including material, shade, and bonding technique, that contribute to the final esthetic result.

  • Understand principles of anterior restorations with CAD/CAM technology
  • Select proper materials and bonding methods to produce consistent and esthetic final anterior restorations
  • Complete basic and intermediate same day single anterior restorations

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Practical Proven Prevention for Your Pediatric Patients
Carla Cohn, DMD

Early childhood caries is the most common disease of childhood yet it is one that is entirely preventable. For too long dentistry has been a drill and fill profession that has focused on the symptoms of this disease and not the aetiology. By incorporating a preventative model in your practice you can truly help and dramatically lower the caries risk profile for your young patients. This course will provide you with everything you need to know about risk assessments, including a “tool box” of preventative strategies to help keep your patients cavity free.

  • Identify risk factors and prescribe suitable preventive therapies
  • Discover a tool box of preventive strategies!

8:00am–9:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Cyberthreats in the Workplace – Don’t Be an Easy Target
Steve Robles & Ron Bodenmann; CyberCorp Forensics

There is an invisible threat in the workplace, and if you are not aware of its presence then you and your organization may fall victim to a digital assault. This presentation aims to identify such threats and will provide information pertaining to best practices and methods used to avoid cyberattacks in the workplace.

  • Obtain a deeper understanding of why cyberattacks are conducted
  • Discover common attacks used to gain unauthorized access to digital information
  • Learn what practices you can adopt to become a less easy target

9:45am–11:45am • 2 CEU, CORE
Ergonomics & Personal Health Concerns
Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS

Ergo is a hot topic for dental professionals—and everyone, actually! Repetitive motion, awkward positions, and forceful traumatic movements may add up to lost careers. This course will explore:

  • Risks, helpful hints and many alternatives
  • Interactive personal assessment and practice of stretches and positioning for strength and flexibility

9:45am–11:45am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
Botox & the Board
Carlos Alvarez, Chief of Enforcement

This course is a repeat from Thursday at 8:00–9:30am.
9:45am–12:15pm • 2.5 CEU, 20%
You Had Me at Hello: Powerful Patient Experience & Telephone Skills to Facilitate Your Brilliance
Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Experts say when people call your office, they have already made their decision to become a patient. Their experience on the telephone will validate their choice or nullify it – based on their encounter. What seems like a basic skill for the dental office is a critical piece in creating a practice profile, establishing credibility and gaining patients’ trust and acceptance. The first phone call presents opportunities to do more than inform patients of office “policies”—it is time to inspire them about your office and look forward to your care.

  • Establish the proper introduction of office protocols
  • The telephone shopper—when and how to discuss fees and insurance

10:00am–11:30am • 1.5 CEU, CORE
HIPAA – Ensuring Patient Privacy & Safety
Lisa Saiia

This lecture provides the required review and training on the standards regulated by the Federal government to ensure the privacy and security of patient health information, data breach notifications, written policies and procedures, safeguards for security and access to patients who request health records and more.

  • Learn about HIPAA’s privacy rules, administrative, technical, physical safeguards and security rules
  • Understand what needs to be in the HIPAA Privacy & Policy Procedure Manual and the importance of conducting and documenting a Risk Analysis annually
  • Know your patients’ rights, data breach notification requirements, proper record retention and disposal and HITECH Act review

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Modern Materials for the CAD-Milled Restoration
The Foundation for Allied Dental Education (FADE) Speaker

Esthetics aside, the relationship between materials used in CAD-milled restorations and adhesion has never been more complex. What constitutes a “good marriage” and long term wear-ability? With diverse and unique options available, this discussion will offer an overview of modern products and:

  • The latest bonding and cementation materials
  • Understanding the clinician’s role in identifying the best choices

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Conservative Esthetics for the General Practitioner
Ross Nash, DDS

This course will discuss direct composite dentistry for restorative and elective purposes. Clinical techniques for placing anterior and posterior composites and how direct composite veneers can transform smiles will be demonstrated. A technique for anterior tooth alignment on its own and prior to restorative treatment will be illustrated.

  • Learn about posterior composites and anterior composite rehabilitation
  • Learn about anterior tooth alignment

10:00am–12:00pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Pediatric Dentistry for the General Practitioner – Keep Your Kids IN Your Practice
Carla Cohn, DMD

This course will present practical points on how to treat your little patients well. Restorative treatment options and their clinical indications will be presented in addition to a variety of dental materials and procedures in anterior and posterior teeth. Learn how your youngest patients will become the best part of your day, You’ve heard it before—treat your kids well and your practice will soar!

  • Learn efficient restorative techniques and restorative materials
  • Treat anterior and posterior decay aesthetically in the primary dentition
  • Managing children… and their parents

1:30pm–2:30pm • 1 CEU, CORE
Tips for Efficient Claims Submission
Cindy Hartwell; CDA Practice Support

How can common errors be avoided when claiming dental services? There are many options—both pro and con—available for claim submission and this course will take a deep dive into the many sections of the ADA claim form as well as how a plan’s contractual obligations can impact claim processing and payments. Learn:

  • What a claim is (a legal document) and how to avoid claim processing issues
  • How and when to use the many sections of the ADA claim form
  • What to do when a claim is denied and the legal right for appeal and dispute

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, CORE
California Dental Practice Act
Nancy Dewhirst, RDH, BS

This course satisfies the mandatory requirement for license renewal and highlights any updates and changes to the Dental Practice Act, including scope of practice for dentists and allied personnel, laws pertaining to prescriptions, and violations and enforcement.

  • Discuss enforcement and violations citations and fines, including unprofessional conduct
  • Explore the changing scope of dentistry
  • Leave with a strategy to keep in compliance

1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, CORE
First Impressions Matter
The Foundation for Allied Dental Education (FADE) Speaker

This course is a repeat from Thursday at 1:30pm-3:30pm.
1:30pm–3:30pm • 2 CEU, CORE
Dual Cure Composites: 20 Years of Clinical Success!
David Roholt, DDS

Dual cure, bulk-fill composites have been proven to be a suitable replacement for amalgam fillings. Recent research validates that, when properly bonded, dual cure, bulk-fill composites have much less micro-leakage than ANY light cured composites. They also are less technique sensitive, require fewer steps and provide a more predictable, long lasting posterior restoration. Learn:

  • Proper technique for placing these composites
  • Why dual cure is superior and why light cured composites fail
  • The research, the results and 20 years’ of clinical success

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, 20%
A Team’s Guide to Patient Care – Attracting, Treating & Retaining Your Patients
Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Create a team that is fully committed in the practice and empowered to create amazing results in patient satisfaction and increased productivity. Discover key systems and office protocols to maximize everyone’s efforts. Learn how to use key performance indicators to strategize team action accordingly. This program is a fun “learning lab” environment that will provide tips and techniques for the entire team.

  • Learn what numbers really count and how they direct team activity
  • Review customer service monitors and assess your customer service skills
  • Discover how to create internal and external awareness of the services you offer

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
Indirect Esthetic Restorations for the General Practice
Ross Nash, DDS

In this presentation, the use of indirect esthetic restorations for restorative and elective purposes will be discussed. The use of various materials to restore damaged tooth structure and enhance smiles will also be presented. Porcelain veneers, all ceramic crowns, inlays and onlays, metal free fixed bridges, implant crowns and bridges and other processes will be shown in a step by step fashion using actual clinical cases.

  • Learn how smile design and occlusion relate to full mouth esthetic rejuvenation
  • Learn about smile enhancement with porcelain veneers
  • Learn about reconstruction with esthetic crown and bridge

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
What’s New in Pediatric Dentistry for the General Practitioner – The Cutting Edge
Carla Cohn, DMD

This is the cutting edge of pediatric dentistry, and it is all geared towards the general practitioner and family practice. Dentistry for kids just keeps getting better. Learn the newest and most innovative techniques and procedures. Minimally invasive and aesthetic restorative procedures. Step into the future of pediatric dentistry for the general practitioner.

  • Explore novel restorative procedures for primary dentition
  • Learn different approaches to restorative techniques
  • Bring cutting edge pediatric dentistry to your family practice

1:30pm–4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, CORE
Expanding Patient Treatments with New Overdenture, New Sinus Lift/Implant
Henry Pond, DMD

Using case examples, two hot topics will be discussed: Restorative – a new alternative to locators for an all-on-2 implant overdenture solution will be unveiled. Surgical – a new sinus lift protocol & implant placement in 2mm of existing bone. Learning objectives:

  • New overdenture solutions, instruments, materials and methods
  • Minimally invasive-flapless crestal sinus lifting in as little as 2mm of bone
  • Case selection criteria

2:45pm–3:45pm • 1 CEU, CORE
Dealing with Refund Demands from Benefit Plans
Cindy Hartwell; CDA Practice Support

Benefit plans request refunds for what they perceive to be “overpayments.” Oftentimes, dentists providing services to the plan beneficiaries are unaware of the cause for the refunds or even if the plans are allowed to request them. What triggers a benefit plan to request refunds? How should a dentist deal with them? Are these demands legitimate? Learn:

  • Legitimate refund demands, and how contractual obligations influence the legitimacy of the request
  • How to file an appeal when a provider does not agree with the request

Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 808-5291

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