The MidWinter Convention & Expo is SDDS’ biggest event of the year! It’s a two-day convention and expo held at the Sacramento Convention Center.

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The MidWinter Convention & Expo brings dentists & dental professionals together to:

  • Cover all your CE bases with SDDS! (15 CE units available)
  • Enjoy world-renowned speakers on current dental topics and trends
  • Attend the Expo to meet vendor representatives on the latest products and services
  • Build a bond with office team members

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Thursday, February 22, 2018


7:30am-9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
The California Dental Practice Act: Like a Volcano – Always Erupting!
Marcella Oster, RDA

Can you wear flip flops to work? Are mumus and shorts considered PPE? The CDPA laws and regulations are constantly changing; it is the obligation of licensees to maintain current knowledge of those changes. This course presents the legal side of dentistry regarding the laws and duties of auxiliary staff and qualifies for license renewal, including topics such as:

  • Compliance re: patient care, record keeping and staff management
  • Current duty tables and new permit holder regulations; limits of scope of practice
  • Legal issues for renewal; CE and criminal history reporting

8:00am-9:30am • No CEU
How to Attract New Patients Using the Internet
Greg Sconce; InfoStar

Bigger than print and broadcast combined, the Internet is the largest channel ever known for the public to engage with your marketing. This course provides you with a road map on both internet understanding and marketing – the fundamentals of getting started, managing expectations, common pitfalls, anticipated costs, and how to effectively integrate other forms of marketing. Learn:

  • The various key players as well as budgeting and implementing a plan
  • How to monitor results and calculate your ROI
  • Marketing components and how they interact: website, social media, SEO, advertising, reputation management, and more

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
Dental Benefits Grievance Process
Edward Bynum; Liberty Dental Plan (SDDS Vendor Member)

How do you file a grievance with an insurance company? What are the time constraints and timelines in the process? Fully understand grievances and the impact they can have on a practice, how to avoid grievances, and navigating through the formal process once a grievance has been filed against you. Understand:

  • The formal grievance process, including all timeframes
  • How to assist in the formal process once a grievance has been filed
  • How to avoid grievances and make a positive impact on your practice

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
Tobacco Use Trends and Emerging Products
Danica Peterson, Health Educator; Sacramento County Department of Health and Human Services

While traditional cigarette use has been declining since 1988, there has been a substantial increase in the use of Electronic Smoking Devices (ESDs), also known as e-cigarettes, vaping devices, etc. Most of these products contain addictive nicotine and are especially popular due to colorful packaging, “kid-friendly” flavors, and myths that the products are “safe” alternatives to traditional cigarettes. This course will discuss:

  • Recent legislation that places stricter guidelines on how tobacco products (including ESDs) are regulated, sold, and taxed
  • Risk factors associated with emerging tobacco products
  • The role of tobacco on dental health

8:00am-9:00am • 1 CEU, Core
Making the Most of Your Clinical Potential
Donna Drury-Klein, Chief Operating Officer; The FADE Institute (SDDS Vendor Member)

Are you the best assistant you can be? What are the options for growth, extension of your skills and other opportunities in which you can engage or revive your clinical potential and be the best asset to your dentist? This lecture will focus on the new generation of chairside assistants and their role in clinical care, oral health and perfecting the clinical partnership with the dentist. Included will be:

  • The RDAEF, ITR certification for EF and RDH
  • A new pathway for a permit or advanced license
  • A great discussion for entry level to advanced chairside staff… and dentists too!

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Financial Stewardship in the Dental Office: Why Accurate Financial Records Matter
Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE
(Sponsored by Capitol Periodontal Group)
Are you aware of the CASH FLOW WARNINGS in a dental practice? In addition to accurate clinical records, state dental boards and other regulatory agencies require accurate and secure financial records, particularly those pertaining to patient accounts. Proper records provide practice management feedback and help achieve financial accountability and integrity; proper data management and security is essential. For a practice’s financial health, the entire team should be involved in financial documentation, maintenance, and accurate reporting. Course participants will learn:

  • Why cross-training and separation of duties are vital in the financial process
  • Why every team member must be vigilant regarding fraud and embezzlement
  • Financial data management, storage and security protocols

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20% • For Doctors Only
It’s Not All Mai Tais and Luaus: Overcoming Challenges to Building and Keeping Your Dream Team
Christine Sison; Swiss Monkey (SDDS Vendor Member)

This presentation will share insights on how to attract, retain and build high performing teams, instill a culture of excellence and how to help your team help you. Share some of your challenges and hear how leading practices might handle them. Attendees will:

  • Gain practical advice on how to build culture of teamwork and excellence
  • Receive tips on how to survive and manage office “drama”
  • Share and discuss strategies from others in the field on how to create and maintain a highly functional and effective team

9:45am-12:15pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
The Silent Killer: Understanding and Addressing the Inflammatory Pathway in Today’s Dental Practice
Jo-Anne Jones

Is periodontal disease still being treated as an infection even when leading authorities have redefined periodontitis as an inflammatory disease? Inflammation, now being referred to as the “silent killer,” is one of the hottest topics of research. What if we now could slow down the destruction caused by chronic inflammation (periodontal disease) and impact not only oral health but systemic health? Discover the missing ‘link’ in your periodontal program and take your practice and your patient’s health to the next level. Course objectives:

  • Understand and communicate the most current and compelling research related to the oral systemic link
  • Apply the current JADA Guidelines into your clinical practice and treatment delivery
  • Empower patients through resources to understand the oral systemic connection

9:45am-12:15pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
To Smile or Not to Smile…Why Truly Understanding Smile Design Principles Is so Important to You and Your Patients
Thomas Dudney, DDS
(Sponsored by GC America and Ultradent)
Today’s patients seeking aesthetic procedures and smile makeovers have high expectations – and they are more knowledgeable than ever of the possibilities that exist. In order for restorative dentists to meet these higher expectations, they must not only be able to combine art and science, but also have a clear understanding of smile design principles in order to achieve the desired results. Discussion includes:

  • Visualization, preparation, and communication with composite mock-ups
  • The role of provisional restorations in both patient and laboratory communication
  • The importance of the relationship between the teeth, gingival scaffold, and lips
  • Utilizing a multidisciplinary team approach when treatment planning complex cases

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Is Your Tiki Room OSHA Compliant?
Marcella Osterr, RDA

Pull up your beach chair, chill, and learn about CAL-OSHA’s requirements for compliance within your dental office. Bring the whole team – it will be just like going to a luau – lots of variety and plenty of info to fill you up.

  • While OSHA updates and refreshers are not required for licensure renewal, they are required for every office to train doctors and staff on current OSHA regulations and changes within those regulations
  • These trainings are required yearly so here is the chance to make sure you are up to date

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, 20%
Selfish People Practice Longer: Ergonomics and Professional Wellness for Dental Professionals
Amy Kinnemon, RDH; P&G
(Sponsored by Proctor and Gamble)
In 2005, JADA published an article stating that 70% of dental students reported shoulder and lower back pain. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) account for almost 30% of early retirement for dental professionals. Poor ergonomics leading to pain and MSD can affect our productivity and the quality of the treatment we provide to our patients. Understanding the risk factors for MSD and having the tools to combat acute and chronic pain is paramount to professional and patient health. Bring your yoga mat and join in on this highly motivating and interactive course! Course objectives:

  • Extend the life of your career, protect your health and maximize the effectiveness of the dental appointment, patient care with proper ergonomics and biomechanics
  • Proper techniques for Myofascial release to enhance movement and flexibility; corrective exercise to alleviate discomfort in your clinical practice
  • Exercises integral to extending careers and maintaining total wellness

10:00am-11:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
It Nightmares: Hacking, Crashing, and Bears, Oh My!
Bill Muller; Muller & Associates

In today’s security environment, every time you open an email, you need to think…What is safe? What to click and NOT click? What are some of the safeguards – or policies – a dental office can make to make sure that patients’ records and your computer systems are safe? What steps should a small business should take for data security? Topics will cover:

  • Data backups
  • Hacking and options for cyber protections and insurance
  • User education and awareness

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Ethics: What’s Right? What’s Wrong? What’s Grey?
Volki Felahy DDS; Henrik Hansen DDS

JUST practicing dentistry today isn’t enough… offices are challenged with patient “recruitment,” competition, insurance restrictions and conflicts, and the constant pressure to keep the practice thriving. While the office staff is eager to help with promotion of the practice, it is ultimately the dentist who is responsible for adhering to the ADA and CDA Code of Ethics (COE). What incentives can you offer to the public? What “free stuff” is in accordance with the COE? How can you thank your patients for referrals? Learn more about:

  • The CDA Code of Ethics – a daily decision making tool
  • Why Ethics matters
  • Advertising and other hot topics

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
HIPAA Compliance, Data Breaches and Identity Theft: Don’t Get Bitten
Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE
(Sponsored by Capitol Periodontal Group)
Dental and medical identify theft is now the fastest growing and most lucrative form of identity theft. Any breach that affects our patient’s private data can result in devastating legal and financial consequences. Random HIPAA audits in dental offices are being conducted with increasing frequency along with higher fines for non-compliance. Can you afford the fines and loss of patient confidence? Learn:

  • How to thwart low-tech identity theft (it’s still alive and well)
  • Steps needed to maintain compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule
  • To recognize and resolve computer and Internet threats

1:30pm-3:00pm • 1.5 CEU, Core
Sex and Oral Health: What’s the Connection?
Jo-Anne Jones
(Sponsored by LED Dental Inc, VP VELscope Imaging)
According to the CDC, nearly all sexually active Americans will have a HPV (Human papillomavirus) infection in their lifetime. This is fueling an escalating rise in the incidence of HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer. By the year 2020, HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer is expected to be the leading HPV-related cancer surpassing cervical cancer. What are the implications to dentistry and how should our oral cancer screening be adjusted to compensate for this new profile? Understand:

  • Critical statistics regarding oral and oropharyngeal cancer
  • The transmission of the virus and the transformation to malignancy
  • Clinical and educational resources for your dental practice and patients

1:30pm-2:30pm • NO CEU
Private Practice vs. DSOs: They Can Coexist!
Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE

Over the past few years, DSO growth has intensified and many dentists in private practice fear they might lose their independence. While the DSO model (there are several) can benefit certain patients and dentists, the future for private practice is still bright for doctors who are willing to invest in and plan their careers. Learn the strengths and challenges each practice model faces along with advice to creating wealth through private practice ownership.

  • Understand the various types of DSO models
  • Learn the advantages and disadvantages of DSOs vs. private practice
  • Discover transition strategies to generate wealth through private practice ownership

1:30pm-4:30pm • 3 CEU, 20%
Many Voices – One Heart: Be Part of a Dream Team!
Kerry Straine, President; Straine Consulting (SDDS Vendor Member)

Working as a team and communicating consistently and cohesively is the key to success for any practice. Relationships based on authenticity, consistency and transparency is the foundation for the best patient relationships as well as team cohesiveness. Effective communication will make the patient experience stellar and will continue to make your practice and team better than ever. Growth is optional… choose wisely. This course will discuss:

  • Successful strategies to become a master communicator in practice as well as in life
  • Clear team communication to provide an exceptional patient experience
  • Problem solving through resilience, optimism and willingness as a team

1:30pm-2:30pm • 1 CEU, Core
Dealing with Utilization Reviews and Audits by Dental Plans
Denise Martinez; CDA Practice Support Center

As part of a contractual commitment the dental benefit plans have with their consumers (employer groups and their employees), they are required to have a utilization review process. This process is designed to ensure that dental procedures reported on behalf of plan enrollees, by their dental office, are rendered consistent with the provisions of the benefit plan and the participating provider agreement. Learn:

  • Why plans conduct utilization reviews and audits
  • What to expect during a utilization review and audit
  • What the possible outcomes of a utilization review and audits are including how it can affect a provider

1:30pm-4:30pm • 3 CEU, Core
Amazing Stories in Oral Surgery!
Richard Jackson, DDS; Board Certified Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Growing up your parents most likely told you… “you should learn from your mistakes” …true. However, in dentistry, your own mistakes are too costly! It is better and easier to LEARN from other people’s errors. In this lecture, you will learn through a host of other people’s errors, gained through 35 years of errors, complications, and successes. Topics will include:

  • Infections: prevention and management
  • Alveolitis / osteomyelitis: inflammation of the alveolar bone following an extraction, the most common sequela to tooth extractions; prevention tips
  • Managing complications from retained roots, sinus openings, bleeding, bone sequestrum, trismus

1:30pm-4:30pm • 3 CEU, Core
MACdentistry: The What, When, How, and Why of Current Indirect Restorative Materials, Adhesives and Cements
Thomas Dudney, DDS
(Sponsored by GC America and Ultradent)
As restorative materials, adhesives, and cements continue to evolve, change, and improve, it becomes more difficult for restorative dentists to keep up with the latest advances. With increasingly higher patient expectations for long term clinical success, it is important that the dentist has an understanding and working knowledge of these materials in order to make sound decisions. Objectives will include:

  • Factors affecting material selection that satisfy aesthetic and functional goals
  • Monolithic vs. layered restorations
  • Advantages and disadvantages of full contour zirconia
  • The benefits of the new universal adhesives. which cements to use when and why

1:30pm-4:30pm • 3 CEU, 20% • For Doctors Only
FOR TDIC Insureds… Caution + Control: Reducing Employment Liability
Beverly Kodama, DDS; John Sillis, JD

(Sponsored by TDIC; SDDS Vendor Member)
The combination of changing employment laws and a litigation-conscious public can be intimidating. During this seminar, dentists will learn how to handle employment concerns, gain the caution and control to navigate past potential employment practice violations. After course completion, you will better understand how to:

  • Establish effective hiring and performance review practices
  • Provide employees with a fair and rewarding work environment
  • Implement controls to prevent situations that lead to EPL claims
  • This course qualifies for the TDIC policy discount of 5%

3:00pm-4:30pm • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Look Forward to a Ringing Phone! Customer Calls, Phone Impressions, Communication Hints
Virginia Moore; Academy of Dental Management Consultants

What’s your reaction when you the phone rings in your office? Annoyance, dread, frustration? If any of those reactions sound familiar, join this program that will provide the best recommendations to make every phone call an opportunity rather than a pain! Learn to:

  • Understand the “Golden Rules” of phone-answering
  • Turn callers into new patients
  • Make friends with that ringing phone and feel confident with communication skills

3:00pm-4:30pm • 1.5 CEU, 20% • For Doctors Only*
The Walletectomy: Embezzlement in the Dental Practice!
Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE
(Sponsored by Capitol Periodontal Group)
While the majority of dental teams are loyal and honest, it only takes one desperate individual to financially ruin a dental practice! Learn how to mitigate damages by recognizing the important warning signs associated with embezzlement along with common characteristics and behaviors of an embezzler. In this eye-opening course, attendees gain techniques and tools to help protect financial assets in the practice and to bring greater peace of mind. Through actual cases investigated, you will:

  • Recognize the profile of a typical embezzler and watch for red flags
  • Understand what leads to embezzlement in dental offices
  • Analyze the strength and limits of internal controls strategies

*Because specific fraud methodologies are openly discussed and demonstrated, this presentation is restricted to dentists, spouses and dental students.

3:00pm-5:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
Konohiki Infection Control
Marcella Oster, RDA

Are you the Konohiki (the chief of infection control) in your office? If not, you STILL need this class for license renewal. So put on your Hawaiian shirt and flip-flops, kick back and watch the sunrise over the new rules and regulations of infection control. This course meets the Dental Board requirements for licensure renewal.

  • Learn everything about the California Code of Regulations 1005 – Infection Control
  • Learn the role infection control plays in the patient’s perspective in the dental office and staff
  • Learn proper use of surface disinfectants and sterilization procedures… and be surprised about what you thought you knew

3:30pm-5:00pm • 1.5 CEU, Core
What’s in Your Toolkit to Aid in the Earlier Discovery of Oral Cancer?
Jo-Anne Jones
(Sponsored by LED Dental Inc, VP VELscope Imaging)
This interactive, hands-on workshop is designed to equip today’s dental clinician with the skill set to recognize and identify the earliest warning signs of HPV and non-HPV oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Hands-on use of adjunctive screening devices, AirPlay mirroring of a live examination and the review of techniques (both extraoral and intraorally) will teach the best possible techniques for earlier discovery of oral cancer. Learn:

  • To understand the current statistics related to the sexually transmitted Human papillomavirus and its connection with oropharyngeal cancer
  • To perform a systematic extraoral and intraoral examination with attention to high risk anatomical areas related both to HPV and non-HPV oral and oropharyngeal cancer
  • To recognize the subtle, life-saving signs and symptoms that may accompany HPV oropharyngeal cancer


Friday, February 23, 2018


7:30am-9:30am • 2 CEU, Core
Infection Control 2018
Donna Drury-Klein, Chief Operating Officer; The FADE Institute (SDDS Vendor Member)

Learn the latest language pertaining to the DBC’s Infection Control Regulations, includes subject, such as proper use of surface disinfectants, instrument care, sterilization procedures and barrier techniques. Learn:

  • The legal responsibilities to the safety and health of patients via infection control protocols as dictated by regulation
  • The role infection control plays in the patient’s perspective of the dental office and their staff
  • The intent of the laws and how to better utilize them

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
What’s in Your Toolkit to Aid in the Earlier Discovery of Oral Cancer?
Jo-Anne Jones
(Sponsored by LED Dental Inc, VP VELscope Imaging)
This course is a repeat from Thursday at 3:30pm-5:00pm.
8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
No More “Swiss Cheese” Schedules: Keeping Your Schedule Full and Productive
Virginia Moore; Academy of Dental Management Consultants

Why can’t patients keep every appointment they schedule? Why do some patients think it’s okay to no-show an appointment and expect immediate rescheduling? How many times have you wondered why patients seem to think you are their personal dental insurance “wizard?” Learn some response options to patients’ tough questions, how best to avoid tricky situations, the magic “WHY” question that must be answered in every practice, and much more, such as:

  • The 4 word question never to ask a patient
  • 7 approaches to telephone skills that can help change patient perceptions
  • When to agree with a “disagreeable” patient

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, Core
HIPAA Compliance Essentials Be Prepared to Respond to a Breach or HIPAA Audit!
Teresa Pichay; Practice Analyst with CDA

Compliance with HIPAA and state information privacy laws requires significant effort and time. Providing a sense of urgency, vendors are pressing dental practices to take certain actions. This course will describe what compliance elements a dental practice should focus on and why. Managing risk, not eliminating risk, is the focus of HIPAA rules.

  • Understand how to complete the required security risk analysis and the requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule
  • Know the essential elements of HIPAA compliance
  • Know what enforcers are focused on

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
What Your Doctor (i.e. BOSS!) Wants to Tell You But Doesn’t
Christine Sison; Swiss Monkey (SDDS Vendor Member)

This session will provide a practical and unique insight on what keeps employers up at night, why they need you, and advice on how you can become your best and make yourself invaluable to the doctor and your team. Understand:

  • Factors that employers consider when managing an office and building teams
  • How to help drive positive change in your practice to lead your team to excellence
  • How to thrive personally and professionally and realize your best

8:00am-9:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20% • For Doctors Only*
The Walletectomy: Embezzlement in the Dental Practice!
Pat Little, DDS, FAGD, CFE
(Sponsored by Capitol Periodontal Group)
This course is a repeat from Thursday at 3:00pm-4:30pm.
*Because specific fraud methodologies are openly discussed and demonstrated, this presentation is restricted to dentists, spouses and dental students.

9:45am-11:45am • 2 CEU, Core
OSHA 2018
Donna Drury-Klein, Chief Operating Officer; The FADE Institute (SDDS Vendor Member)

Cal-OSHA requires dental healthcare workers to obtain, at least annually, occupational safety training in specific areas to include exposure control, hazard communication and general office safety. Attend this refresher class to make certain protocols and procedures are being met. Goals:

  • Gain a better understanding of the roles of compliance officers, employees, and employers within the healthcare setting
  • Discover ideas to better train and implement existing compliance protocols

9:45am-11:45am • 2 CEU, 20%
The Strength of Your Practice, Your Team and Your Patients
Helen Yee & Adrian Ruiz; Gallup Certified Strengths Coaches

Your office goal is to create “exceptional patient experiences.” Accomplish this for your patients by being an exceptional team member, leader or manager using “Strength Finders” a Gallup assessment tool taken by over 16 million people. Through 80 years of research, Gallup offers tools and solutions, including being strengths-based driven to help any dental practice maximize its true potential, all focused on exceptional patient care. Don’t miss the highlights of Gallup’s latest research on “How Millennials Want to Work.” Learn:

  • The six changes that are recommended in work settings
  • How the strengths-based team ultimately delivers the best patient care
  • 3 keys to launching a successful strengths-based approach in your dental practice

9:45am-11:45pm • 2 CEU, Core
The Healing Journey: Tapping Into Our Body’s Transformative Wisdom
Stephen Peters, MD

What does the body need to heal? Is diet and exercise enough to prevent and heal disease? Explore the changing science of nutrition and explore the role of emotions on the healing process. The presentation will be both evidence based and an experiential journey through Dr. Peters’ 21 years of practicing Invasive Cardiology, including his experience as Director of a Congestive Heart Failure clinic. Be prepared to open your mind to healing beyond the prescription pad, defibrillator and scalpel. Understand:

  • The science behind current AHA preventive cardiology recommendations
  • Evidence based usage of supplements and traditional lipid lowering therapy: explore recent changes and controversies in nutritional recommendations for heart disease
  • The role of emotions on the healing process

10:00am-11:30am • 1.5 CEU, 20%
Payment Arrangements That Really, Truly Work!
Virginia Moore; Academy of Dental Management Consultants

Successful practices collect 99% of billable production. Is there an easier, more effective way to get patients to pay for their services as well as communicate the financial aspect of the patient’s care? Whether you are an administrative team member or a clinician, this program will present insights and the steps to strengthen payment arrangement options while also building trust with the patients. Begin immediately collecting more from patients in a manner that is win/win! Learn how to:

  • Ask for payment in a way that patients actually do pay
  • Handle situations when a patient is not approved for third-party financing
  • Predictable outcomes based on what a patient signs or does not sign

10:00am-12:30pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
Dental implants – Now and Forever
Ivy H. Zellmer, RDH, BS, MSc

What is the current success rate vs. failure rate of dental implants? Dentists and hygienists play a key role in assessing peri-implant health and providing routine care to implant patients. Learn evidence-based approaches to disease assessment and the latest professional maintenance techniques for implants. Discover:

  • The primary purpose of probing around dental implants
  • The newest mechanical and chemical biofilm control theories in implant care

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, 20%
Just Because You’re an Expert…Doesn’t Make You Interesting! Increase Your Influence, Impact, and Income!
Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

Would you like to be more influential and memorable in your industry? This program focuses on building the foundational skills that will turn you into a more confident and credible communicator. Using the following bulletproof methods, you will earn your patient’s attention during critical presentations!

  • The Leader’s Pyramid™ – the four steps to earning and sustaining listener attention
  • StorySelling® – how to use stories to bring your topic to life
  • Focus/Fear Cycle – eliminate stage fright, be comfortable in front of any audience

10:00am-12:00pm • 2 CEU, Core
From Preliminary Impression to Restoration… the Digital Work Flow!
Curtis Jansen, DDS

Digital work flows are increasing practice efficiency, decreasing chair time, and creating a better patient experience! Digital work flows are changing the way we practice dentistry and can help you be more productive. This lecture will review the status quo of the new digital highway (IOS, CAD/CAM, CBCT, office software) and show you why you may want to jump on. Objectives:

  • Understand advantages of digital impressions over conventional impressions
  • Use 3 different digital workflows, which begin with IOS to increase efficiency with restorative procedures
  • Combine IOS and CBCT technology to treatment plan

1:30pm-4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, 20%
Making It Easy For Patients to Say “Yes”!
Dr. Paul Homoly, CSP

Enjoy grateful patients, do more dentistry you love, and be abundantly rewarded! Gain an inside look at the 14 critical components of successful case acceptance through real-world case studies.

  • Modest-care vs. Complex-care patients – six critical distinctions you must understand between simple vs. complex-care patients.
  • The Four Chiefs™ – four essential conversations of case acceptance
  • The Case Conversation – how to lead, not sell, patients into accepting your treatment recommendations

1:30pm-3:30pm • 2 CEU, 20%
The Heart of Your Practice: Making the Recare System Foolproof
Virginia Moore; Academy of Dental Management Consultants

At the heart of every healthy dental practice is a thriving recare or continuing care system. By closing the gaps that can occur, patients will enjoy timely examinations, radiographs and reinforcement of healthy home care. Take this most commonly overlooked system and turn it into the powerhouse that your practice and patients deserve. Patient retention is key to your practice success and a well-run recare system is the key! Discover:

  • How to close the gaps that patients are falling through and effective communication skills to keep patients active in recare; the best structure to bring increased value to the recare visit
  • The calculation formula to determine the number of hygiene days actually needed
  • How to have the doctor exam blend well into the hygiene appointment

1:30pm-3:30pm • 2 CEU, Core
California Dental Practice Act 2018
Donna Drury-Klein, Chief Operating Officer; The FADE Institute (SDDS Vendor Member)

This course meets all required elements such as scope of practice, license renewal requirements, use of allied dental employees in a dental practice, laws governing the prescription of drugs and acts in violation of the Dental Practice Act.

  • Understand the legal and ethical responsibilities as a dental healthcare worker
  • Hear actual case examples of violations within the profession in order to demonstrate how violations affect the laws of the profession
  • Learn the new scope of practice parameters for all areas of dental assisting

1:30pm-3:30pm • No CEU
Practice Ownership – Are You Ready to Buy… or Sell?
Jason Wood, Esq.; Law Firm of Wood and Delgado (SDDS Vendor Member)

So… you’re thinking about buying a practice, or getting ready to sell your practice? This course will provide an in-depth analysis of the important issues a buyer should be looking at when acquiring a practice, as well as reasons why purchasing a practice is fundamental to long term financial planning. What do sellers need to know in preparation of the sale of a dental practice? Topics covered include:

  • Understanding why cash flow is important and purchase price is not
  • Learning how to know if you are a good fit for a particular practice
  • Owning vs. associating and the 10 Million Dollar Paycheck

1:30pm-4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
Solutions to Cement vs Screw Retained Restorations
Curtis Jansen, DDS

Practitioners are constantly faced with how to retain their implant restorations. This lecture will review the status quo on when one should consider cementing or screwing down a restoration to an implant. Learn to:

  • Understand the importance or retrieveability with implant restorations
  • Triage placing cemented or screw retained restorations with single vs. multiple implants

1:30pm-4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, 20%
Building Harmony in Your Hygiene Department
Kerry Straine, President; Straine Consulting (SDDS Vendor Member)

Reaffirm your clinical commitment to excellence! Whether it’s communication principles within your office, your team philosophy or that occasional disconnect, this presentation will give you the tools, the clarity and the confidence to increase your success in the hygiene department. Learn how to:

  • Develop a step-by-step protocol of patient flow that clarifies your clinical philosophy and standard of care
  • Orchestrate a daily huddle that prepares every staff member to identify the needs, opportunities and wants of every patient
  • Communicate the ideal treatment plan to your patients that everyone will embrace

1:30pm-4:00pm • 2.5 CEU, Core
The Role of the Allied Dental Healthcare Professional in Preventative Care
FADE Faculty
(Sponsored by 3M, Henry Schein and FADE)
This combination lecture and hands-on workshop is dedicated to RDAs, RDAEFs and RDHs looking to enhance their skills in the area of preventive care. Personal protective equipment will be worn during the lab portion – if participants have a preferred glove or mask, we encourage bringing your own PPE. Disposable gowns will be available to ensure clothing is protected. SPACE IS LIMITED. Topics will include:

  • Pit & Fissure Sealants: A review of products, materials and placement technique
  • CAMBRA and Caries Detection Technology: Best practices
  • Fluoride Varnish: The what, when and why to use
Exhibitor Listings coming soon!

Sacramento Convention Center
1400 J St, Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 808-5291

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Note: If you are a current SDDS DHP Member, please call into our office at (916)446-1211 and we will sign you up!

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