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Strategic Plan

2018-2020 SDDS Strategic Plan

Leadership Nominating Form

Nominating Form

Board Reports

2018 Board Reports | 2019 Board Reports

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Executive Committee

  • PRESIDENT: Carl Hillendahl, DDS
  • SECRETARY: Wesley Yee, DDS

Board Members

  • Sacramento: Jagdev Heir, MD, DMD, FACS
  • El Dorado: Craig Alpha, DDS
  • Placer: Hana Rashid, DDS
  • Amador: Kevin Keating, DDS, MS
  • Sacramento: Lisa Dobak, DDS
  • Yolo: Brock Hinton, DDS

Ex-Officio Board Members

  • Executive Director: Cathy Levering
  • Nugget Editor-in-Chief: Ash Vasanthan, DDS, MS
  • Trustee: Adrian Carrington, DDS
  • Trustee: Wallace Bellamy, DMD

Delegates to the CDA House

  • Bryan Judd, DDS
  • Volki Felahy, DDS
  • Carl Hillendahl, DDS
  • Wesley Yee, DDS
  • Stephanie Sandretti, DDS
  • Hana Rashid, DDS
  • Viren Patel, DDS
  • Morton Rosenberg, DDS

Standing Committees

    • CPR Committee
      Purpose of the committee is to train members to be instructors to teach CPR courses for SDDS members; 1 calibration and 2 courses/year
    • Ethics Committee
      Purpose of the committee is to educate members about ethics and to keep the pulse on current ethics issues; receives and reviews ethics complaints; 2-4 meetings/year
    • Nominating/Leadership Development Committee
      Purpose is to develop leaders, nominate for positions in SDDS, Foundation and CDA; 3-4 meetings/year
    • Peer Review Committee

Provides oversight, clinical review of peer review complaints of both patient and member doctor; forwards recommendations to CDA; 4-6 meetings/year, as needed

Task Forces

  • Member Events / Activities
  • Member Benefits
  • Membership Recruitment and Outreach
  • Sponsorship Recruitment for Events and Activities
  • Foundation Membership Recruitment
  • Oral Health Initiatives
    Committee members serve on the various County strategic planning and implementation advisory committees – this is going to be a GREAT committee in 2019!

Advisory Committees

  • Continuing Education Advisory
    Reviews options and suggestions for programs, speakers, Midwinter, Lunch and Learns, CE days/events, and Business Forums; 2 meetings/year
  • Fluoridation Advisory
    Provides advocacy on FL issues and community fluoridation; meetings as needed
  • Legislative Advisory
    Monitors legislative activity, provides advocacy and information; meetings as needed
  • Mass Disaster / Forensics Advisory
    Provides training to members for disaster identification; members must agree to mobilize if a disaster occurs; 2 meetings/year
  • New Dental School Advisory
    A resource committee for faculty, advisors, curriculum and support for California North State Dental School
  • Nugget Editorial Advisory
    Committee members serve as the guest editors for Nugget topics and issues (must be able to write and/or know people who do!); 3 meetings/year
  • Admin Advisories
    Budget, Finance, Bylaws, Policies

Special Event / Foundation Committees

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